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Titleist Vokey SM 10 Wedge Review: 2024

Three different finishes that the wedges come in for our Vokey SM10 wedge review

The Vokey wedge has been considered the top of its class for several generations. New additions to the Vokey SM series are a big deal to golfers, as they typically represent the best that modern wedges have to offer. The Vokey SM10 wedge promises to add to what was already an industry-leading SM9, largely by maintaining higher spin on lower shots to allow a perfect mix of precision and distance control.

In our Titleist Vokey wedge review for the SM10, we will cover:

  • Key features
  • Grind variations
  • Where to buy one

Let’s dive into each and see what the newest addition to this legendary line of wedges has to offer.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the new Vokey SM10 wedges:

Different Grinds, Same Look No matter which grind profile you choose on your SM10 wedges, models of the same loft will have the exact same look at address so you can focus on what plays best– not what looks best.
Improved Flighting and Feel A shift in CG allows for lower flight while still maintaining spin, providing better distance control without increasing roll
Maximum Spin SM10 wedge grooves are cut all the way to the edge to provide maximum spin, with localized heat treatment to make them even more durable
Ultimate Shot Versatility A wide variety of grind profiles are available to ensure each of your wedges plays the shots you use it for most as well as possible
Three Signature Finishes Vokey SM10 wedges come in four finishes: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, Raw, and the new Nickel grey finish for more aesthetic variety

Overall, the focus of these improvements has been to give the Vokey a unique edge on low-flighted short shots. The outcome is a wedge that provides noticeably less roll on low shots near the green, unlocking more accuracy on shots close to the green.

Grind Variations

The Vokey SM10 wedges come in six unique grind variations, each made for a different purpose. We will break down each of them, and their purpose, and then explain how to best pick the right grind profile for each of your wedges.

T Grind: Sharper Shotmaking Players’ grind with low bounce with a narrow sole, maximum edge relief to ensure maximum workability
M Grind: Multi-Purpose Versatility Multi-purpose grind for golfers with shallow/sweeping strokes who rotate the club face open and closed to manufacture shots near the green
S Grind: Narrow Versatility Full sole with a narrowed trailing edge grind for a faster feel through the turf– ideal for neutral-to-firm conditions and golfers who like to loft or deloft the clubface by changing their hand position
D Grind: Player’s High-Bounce Trailing edge grind with high bounce to provide forgiveness for golfers with a steeper angle of attack who play from a variety of clubface positions
F Grind: Full Wedge Shots All-purpose grind that is well-suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face– ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole
K Grind: High-Bounce for Soft Conditions Highest-bounce grind with a full sole and enhanced camber designed for longer/softer turf and bunker shots

How to Choose a Grind Profile

The best way to find the right grind profile for your swing is to get a professional golf fitting for each loft you would like to have in your bag. It is important to consider each loft independently, as you’re likely not using different lofts for the same shots, and you’ll need to find the grind profile that plays the shots you’ll be making with each wedge well.

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