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Top-of-the-Line Golf Balls vs Bottom-of-the-Line Golf Balls?

If you watch and follow the pro tours, you know that those golfers use top-of-the-line, Tour-caliber golf
balls like the popular Titleist ProV1 or the TaylorMade TP5. Probably most of your buddies play them too,
while maybe you’re using a lower-end ball or one you found in the woods on the last hole while searching
for your tee shot.

You’re not sure if playing a high-end ball would make any difference in your game, or if the lower-end
models are just fine, not to mention they save you a few bucks.

So just what is the difference between a high-end and a lower-end golf ball?

Callaway ERC Soft

In the not so distant past, the gap in performance between a premium ball and a low-end ball was much
more significant. Those differences were especially seen in distance and accuracy. Higher-end, multi-
layer balls vastly outperformed the cheaper, value balls. However, with increases in technology and
innovation, that gap has narrowed so that now, those differences are almost negligible.

Sure, less-expensive golf balls designed to maximize distance can indeed go farther and straighter off the
tee, but that extra yardage usually adds up to no more than five or six yards on average.

The real difference in high-end, premium balls and value-based balls comes in the short game. The
softer, urethane cover of premium balls promotes more grip and spin on the ball for increased feel and
control around the greens.

Shots from 100 – 120 yards and in, as well as around the green are where you’ll feel more control and get
that bang for your buck. The higher spin rates of the premium ball improve stopping power significantly,
so that those game-improvement characteristics you acquire with them are, for many, worth the extra

2019 TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x

Conversely, if you’re a beginner or don’t take the game quite as serious as others take it and just enjoy
knocking it around once in a while, then a less-expensive, distance-promoting ball will suit you just fine.

So as to the question – is a premium golf ball worth the cost – the answer lies in your particular needs. If
you want to improve or if you’re a low-handicap player or someone who competes at the game, then most
definitely yes.

The bottom line is that a premium ball will perform better throughout your bag and will cover the greatest
variety of shots you face each round, from driver all the way down to putter.

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