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Tricks of the Trade

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When it comes to trading in your old golf clubs for a set of shiny new ones, there are a few tricks of the trade that come in handy to help you get the most out of the deal. We caught up with Worldwide Golf Shops Purchasing Assistant and club expert Nate McDonough to share some of his expert advice.

  1. How does the trade-in program work at Worldwide Golf Shops? – As long as the club does not need to be repaired, we accept trades on all major brands – such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Wilson, and Titleist, to name a few – and offer store credit in return.
  2. What tips do you have for golfers to get the best trade-in value for their clubs? – Don’t wait! Clubs lose value as their replacements are released, so the longer you wait, the lower your trade-in value may be. If you are considering trading in your clubs, find out their value at one of our shops and look toward putting that into equipment that you would have more fun playing with.
  3. What is one thing most golfers don’t know when it comes to trading in their clubs? – One common misconception is that a club with an upgraded shaft will be worth more in trade. For the most part, an upgraded setup will have the same value as a club with a stock shaft. This is because the stock version will actually fit a broader scope of players, therefore making it easier to sell. That’s something to keep in mind the next time you upgrade one of your shafts and are thinking about splurging.
  4. How do the condition of the used golf clubs affect their value? – Condition is certainly a factor in the value of a trade-in, but perhaps doesn’t weigh as heavily as you might think. For example, a scratch on the crown of a driver may only slightly hurt the value of the club. The biggest factors will be determined by the market, such as how many replacement models are between the trade-in and the most recent one.
  5. What kind of damage to clubs will prevent them from being traded in? – Since our 90-day return policy will be offered to anyone who purchases a “trade-in” from us, we must be thorough when reviewing clubs for trade. There is a wide range of acceptable imperfections, however. It will usually take something as bad as a crack in the head of a club or a bend in the hosel for us not to accept it. These are issues that cannot be repaired. Other than these, most clubs can be either repaired or accounted for with a lower trade-in value.