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Viewing Pleasure

Worldwide Golf Shops steps up its game on YouTube with product reviews, test runs, and the all-new Play 9 Series

Worldwide Golf Shops is uploading more content than ever to its YouTube channel – with immensely positive results. And why not? The online video-sharing and social media platform claims 2.5 billion monthly users looking for unique immersive content.

“The Worldwide Golf Shops YouTube channel evolved from an occasional outlet for us to highlight the videos vendors provided to a one-stop content outlet all produced and developed by our team in- house,” said Director of Retail Marketing Trevor Cigich. 

The content on the channel is multi-experiential, Cigich says. It ranges from the latest product information with vendor reps taking viewers through features and benefits of the latest products, to the new Play 9 Series, where golf equipment is tested out on the course while playing nine holes in an easy-going, natural format.

“The Play 9 Series is one of the most fun ones,” Cigich said. “It is a long-form piece that lets the team here have some fun on the course and be a little more of themselves. Another favorite is the Test Runs or Demos, where we get to try out the product and get a little golf nerdy.”

There are primarily two types of content that Worldwide Golf Shops creates for its YouTube channel. 

The first is informational, which provides customers the knowledge they need to make a decision on the next club they want in their bag and shows them some of the questions they should be asking during the fitting process. The second type of content is answered by asking a simple question: What does the consumer want to see? 

“We put ourselves in their shoes and understand what it is they want to watch and devise the content based on that,” says Cigich. “When our customers engage, ask questions, or make comments, we listen.”

Unquestionably, more WGS YouTube content is on the way. 

“Absolutely,” says Cigich. “You can’t get enough content and we are always looking for ways to grow and improve. The Play 9 Series is the latest extension of content on the channel and we will continue to grow and elevate everything that we do. We’re asking three things from our viewers: Like, comment and subscribe!”