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Push, pull and electric carts are in high demand – here’s what you need to know

Because the game of golf offers recreation and socialization in an outdoor setting with physical distancing built into its fabric, participation numbers have gone through the roof at public and private courses across the country.

Golfers new and old have also discovered the joys of walking the course over the past many months. And the result has been a soaring demand for push, pull and electric carts, as golfers look for alternatives to carrying their bags.

At Worldwide Golf Shops stores across the country and at, carts have been selling as fast as they have been brought in from the manufacturers. Among some of the most popular brands are Clicgear, Bag Boy, Sun Mountain, Club Booster and MGI.

There are a surprising number of options available in carts, and plenty of factors to consider when shopping for the cart that best fits your unique needs. For instance…

  • Size and weight should be considered, not only for storage in your vehicle and at home but also for ease of use transporting the cart to and from the course.
  • There are three-wheel models and those with four wheels for more stability and maneuverability.
  • Some models, such as the Bag Boy Nitron, feature shocks that make folding and unfolding the cart especially easy.
  • Prices vary from $74.99 to $1,495, with more advanced features offered on the pricier models.
  • Electric carts also have become increasingly popular. While more expensive, they minimize the effort required to walk the course, almost replicating the experience of playing with a caddy.

One of the most popular models is MGI’s Golf Zip Navigator Electric Caddy, which offers a full directional remote control function that makes it incredibly easy to use. Club Booster also offers an attachment that looks like a hoverboard and transforms a push cart into an electric model.

Golfers everywhere are reaping the many benefits of walking the course – saving money on traditional cart rentals, enjoying the health benefits of a 4-5 mile walk, and seeing the course from different perspectives.

It’s safe to say that the demand for the carts that they’re toting alongside them won’t let up any time soon.

10 carts worth a look…

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