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Wedge Control – Brinson Paolini

The average golfer struggles to control wedge shots and land the ball in their target area with the proper amount of spin. In this rendition of play better golf, PING professional Brinson Paolini shares advice that’ll help you control your wedges.

Hi, I’m Brinson Paolini from the United States and I’m a rookie on the European Tour and a PING staff player. I’m here today to talk about wedge shots. When you want to hit your wedges, you want to be able to land it in the proper spot and the proper yardage and the way you do that is you want to hit them low and with a lot of spin and that’s going to give you a lot of control.

So when we do that we want to talk about the fundamentals to make that happen. First of all you want to grip down on the club, put the ball back in your stance and then you want to open your stance so the ball will go straight. From there it’s just a turn back with not a lot of hinging the arms and then to turn through very aggressively and you want to stay very firm. So it’s turn and turn.

The ball should come out very low and with a lot of spin. Let’s see if I can do one for us. Just like that, comes out low, with a lot of spin, should help you judge how far you’re gonna hit your wedges and I hope it helps you play your best this weekend.