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Wedge Play – Mack Daddy Forged

Mack Daddy Forged – Crisp & Clean

Designed by Roger Cleveland, the new ultra premium, Mack Daddy wedge from Callaway delivers the ultimate in satisfying feel and response.

With an appealing new shape and forged from soft 1025c steel, the club is less offset with a straighter leading edge, meaning it looks like it can deliver. More importantly, it does deliver.

callaway mack daddy“The design promotes crisp contact and commanding control,” said Nate McDonough, Marketing and Purchasing Assistant for Worldwide Golf Shops. “The 16-groove configuration on the face promotes high spin as well as added stopping power, particularly on pitches and chip shots.

”Meanwhile, the sole provides versatility for all kinds of turf and control is further augmented by center-of-gravity position-ing, in which the CG gradually moves up-ward  as the loft of the wedge increases.