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90 Yards and Into the Wind – Jimmy Walker

You’re 90 yards out and face a shot into the wind?

What’s your play?

No problem at all for Jimmy Walker with his Titleist Vokey SM6 wedge.  Bracing into a constant headwind 93 yards from the hole, he commands the spin of his Pro V1 golf ball with an “arm-body swing that’s gonna produce a nice low, not too spinny shot.”

Jimmy’s golf ball finishes on the doorstep of the back pin.

“I know how to make the ball do what I need it to do.”

Check out the short clip on how Jimmy will flight this shot, courtesy of Titleist’s Script Notes.

Video: Titleist Golf

Jimmy Walker:  I’ve got about a 5-10 mile-an-hour wind right in our face. It’s dead, straight in. We got a back pin. We got about a 93, 94-yard shot. What I’m looking for here is a nice, tight, low trajectory flight. I like to kind of play it just back in my stance a little bit. Club face very square. Keep the hands low. Keep the hands from flipping. It’s more of an arm-body swing. It’s going to produce a low, not-too-spinny shot.

I know how to make the ball what I need it to do because I know I’m going to get repeated results with the golf ball. Once you put in the time and the practice, and you believe in the equipment that you’re using, you’re able to go out and hit the golf shots you need to hit.