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What to Look for in Golf Bags

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A high-quality golf bag can make golfing so much more comfortable. By ensuring you can store all of your clubs, important gear, refreshments, and extra clothes, a good golf bag can remove many obstacles between you and a fun round of golf.

There are plenty of bags out there, and they all offer different features and materials. Which specific bag is right for you is going to be a subjective assessment, but there are some measurables that every golfer should consider before buying a bag:

Club Storage Space The number of clubs that fit in the bag, as well as how many dividers are there to ensure the grips aren’t rubbing on one another too much
Gear Storage Space The number and size of pockets included for your non-club golf gear
Storage Variety The inclusion of specialty pockets designed for specific purposes like carrying delicate tech, keeping drinks/food cold, and storing clothes
Weight and Comfort The focus on the weight and portability of a bag matters a lot for those who intend to walk the course at least some of the time
Material and Build Quality The quality of the materials used to create the bag, as well as the fit and finish of those materials when put together
Bag Type Choosing the right type of bag for the way you like to golf is one of the most important parts of golf bag shopping

Let’s dive into each, and what exactly golfers should be looking for.

Club Storage Space

One of the most important considerations is how many clubs fit in your bag. Typically, golf stand bags can hold a full set of 14 clubs. This doesn’t mean all bags have the same number of dividers.

Bags often have fewer dividers than clubs you can carry within, meaning some clubs will share dividers. More dividers mean more separation between club grips, which makes it easier to store and remove each club, and provides better grip protection by keeping your grips from rubbing against one another.

Gear Storage Space

Outside of your clubs, there are still a ton of useful items that you’ll want to store in your bag. Things like rangefinders, tees, balls, gloves, and refreshments are all important to have on hand while on the course. When it comes to gear, storage space isn’t the only concern.

It is important to look at how many pockets a bag has, and how big they are. While most bags will have a few gear pockets, the size is important when considering you’re likely going to need all of the following things on hand when you golf:

  • Tees
  • Balls
  • Gloves
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • A towel or two
  • Club cleaning tools
  • Divot repair tools

Having enough space for all of this gear, and whatever else you need, is incredibly useful out on the course.

Storage Variety

Most golf bags will have specialty pockets for specific items, including the following examples:

Valuables Pockets Velour-lined pockets designed to keep screens and lenses unscathed on phones, rangefinders, glasses, and other accessories.
Food and Beverage Pockets Insulated pockets designed to act like mini-cooler bags to keep drinks and food cool throughout a round (some specialty bags even have a full-size cooler).
Clothing Pockets Slim, wide pockets meant to hold folded clothes to change into when you’re done golfing without taking up too much space or wrinkling the clothes by forcing them to be bunched up in the bag.

Specialty pockets like these make a big difference in your comfort level out on the course. Cold drinks, extra clothes, and peace of mind that your expensive gear isn’t being damaged can go a long way in improving your golf experience. Look for bags that have not only enough pockets, but also the right pockets for your needs.

Weight and Comfort

While this section only applies to those who intend to walk the course at times, it is important to cover. Carrying your bag is cheaper, simpler, and can add to the calorie burn of a day out on the course. While these benefits are great, the potential drawbacks of hip, back, and shoulder pain from bulky bags or uncomfortable carry straps outweigh them for a lot of golfers.

But not all golfers that carry their bags experience these issues when they do it. Golfers that seek out lightweight, double-strap bags with well-cushioned carry straps can often carry their bags for an entire round without too much struggle (as long as they don’t overload it). For lighter bags, like Sunday/pitch-and-putt bags, a single strap may be fine. Full-size stand bags, though, likely need a double strap to be comfortable enough to carry for more than 9 holes.

Material and Build Quality

As bags get more expensive, features remain somewhat similar, but material and build quality improves drastically. It can be hard to tell when looking at pictures, but the material a bag is made from can make it stand out on the course, and improve the bag’s longevity and the protection of your clubs. Be looking for materials like genuine leather, or high-quality PU synthetic leather for better water resistance and durability.

While build quality is almost always good enough outside of extreme budget bags from off-label sellers on sites like Amazon, the level of build quality that more premium bags offer can make for a bag that you can keep throughout your entire golf career. Things like waterproof zippers, genuine leather zipper pulls, and high-quality stitching can ensure that a golf bag lasts longer and looks better.

Bag Type

One of the most important parts of golf bag shopping is picking the right type of bag for your needs. There are three main types of golf bags, and each of them works best in different situations:

Stand Bags Stand bags are usually carryable with a strap, and include a stand so they can stay upright when you put them down to swing.
These bags are great all-rounders, can be used on a cart or walking the course, and they include a good balance of carry capacity and portability.
Cart Bags Cart bags are larger bags that are meant to be put on a push cart or golf cart. As a result, they usually don’t have a carry strap, but they make up for this by including significantly more storage space than most other bags.
Sunday/Pitch-and-Putt Bags Sunday bags, or pitch-and-putt bags, are slim and lightweight bags that are meant to be carried as easily as possible. 
They don’t hold a full set of clubs, nor do they have any large gear pockets, and many don’t include stands. They are just meant for casual 9-hole rounds, a little bit of fun with friends out on the chipping/putting greens, or driving range trips.

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