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Why Rickie Fowler Trusts Titleist Pro V1

As Titleist golf ball loyalist Rickie Fowler explains, “The X and the V are two awesome options” to choose from.

Find out what performance features Rickie looks for in his golf ball and why Pro V1 is the best option for his game.

Hear it from Rickie Fowler himself, why he trusts the #1 ball in golf, Titleist Pro V1.

Video courtesy Titleist Golf

“The X and the V, they’re two awesome options. When it comes down to a golf ball, I mean obviously you want it to work well in every part of the game, but the reason I’m in the V is because it spins less with irons. I can keep the spin down so it’s a lot easier to flight the ball into the wind and control distances that way, and then it doesn’t spin too much with the wedges. Control the distance and control your number.

“I mean, feel is everything. I want the ball to feel soft but not too soft. I want it to have that solid feel to it. The golf ball is obviously a very important piece that has to feel good for everything else to work too.”