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Wilson D300 Targets Extra Speed

D300_DRIVER_ADDRESSBy: John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

While the Wilson Staff Triton was being created last fall on the crowd-sourcing Golf Channel show Driver vs. Driver, engineers at the equipment maker were readying the release of a club that had been developed in much more traditional ways. Now on the market, it is a super game-improvement driver called D300, with the D standing for distance and the idea being that the faster clubhead speed it is designed to generate will enable players to hit the ball farther.

The most noticeable bit of technology with the D300 comes in the form of the 34 speck-like forms called Micro Vortex Generators that are arranged on the dark, titanium crown on each driver in an effort to reduce drag.

D300_DRIVER_RESTING_HEROA new head shape is made to improve aerodynamics further, while the Green Means Go! Fast Fit hosel system is designed to be both light and versatile, giving golfers the ability to produce more clubhead speed as it also provides them the option of six settings.

Finally, the company’s Right Light technology is employed so players have another way of fine-tuning the club, thanks to an adjustable weight.

“Innovation is at the core of all we do and elevating distance is something we take very seriously,” says Michael Vrska, global innovation director at Wilson Golf. “Micro Vortex Generators and Right Light are technologies that players can see and feel, but most importantly, the speed and distance benefits will be obvious from the first swing.”

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post

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