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Introducing the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver

Introducing the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver, the winning entry from Golf Channel’s second season of the show, Driver vs Driver. In the show, contestants submit their ideas for a driver and go through a game-show style elimination process to select a winner. The driver is then released for sale to the public as an official Wilson Staff product.

This season’s winning driver, the Cortex, was designed by show contestant Even Hoffman from San Diego. At the heart of Evan’s design is a technology called Fast Cage Technology.

Wilson Cortex DriverRealizing that each and every player’s swing is different and unique, customization is quickly becoming a mainstay in driver technology. In order to maximize a player’s distance, as well as accuracy, adjustability is at the forefront of technology.

So where does Fast Cage Technology fit in? According to Wilson, they replaced over 44% of the driver’s clubhead with lightweight carbon fiber. What this does is leaves a rigid titanium skeleton in the head that provides not only structural stability but also precise weight distribution which maximizes adjustability.

As the user, you have the ability to configure where to distribute the weight in the club head based on your individual swing. This both increasing accuracy for more fairways hit, as well as maximizing distance off the tee.

Let’s take a look at the features that helped crown this driver the Driver vs Driver 2 champion.

Wilson Cortex Features

Spin ControlWilson created their longest slide track, an 8-gram weight that provides an exceptional range of spin options. Looking for a low-launching ball flight with maximum fairway rollout? Simply move the weight forward toward the face to adjust the center of gravity. And by sliding that weight back toward the rear of the head, you’ll find a higher ball flight with maximum carry. This means that you can adjust your driver as needed depending on the course you’re playing or the course conditions.

Wilson Cortex DriverDirection Control – Perhaps the single greatest option golfers look for in an adjustable driver is help with a slice or hook. In the Cortex Driver, the 8-gram weight is situated near the toe with a 2-gram weight near the heel for a neutral setting.

By adjusting those weights toward the heel or toe, you can help promote your desired shot-shape, be that a fade or a draw.

Trajectory ControlWilson’s Fast-Fit® hosel system comes with six unique loft settings that can be adjusted in half-degree increments. This allows you to fine-tune the loft for your desired ball trajectory.

Launch Control – Fitters have a vast array of options when it comes to fitting the shaft for players of every skill level and helping promote the ideal launch angle. The standard shaft is a premium Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec with three distinct profiles for launch and spin.

Each of the three shaft options keeps the same handle flex, but features adjustments in the mid and tip sections which will help achieve the desired results.

Wilson Cortex Driver - Fujikura Atmos Club ShaftsThe Black option promotes a very low launch with low spin.

The Blue option promotes a mid-high launch with enough spin to ensure it’s the most versatile option with a balanced performance.

The Red option has a softer tip profile to help generate high launch and high spin.

With its array of adjustability options to go along with sleek design and powerful performance, it’s no wonder the Cortex seized the day.

As Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf, said, “Ultimately, the Cortex came out on top with its clean, classic shape, overall consistent performance results from a wide range of player tests and steady sound across the entire face of the club.”

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