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Wilson Staff D7 Woods – Built for Distance and Ultimate Playability

Looking to provide golfers of every skill level with faster ball speeds, longer distance, ultimate playability, and more fun on the course, Wilson Staff launches their D7 line of woods (drivers, fairways woods and hybrids).


With equipment manufacturers seeking to help golfers swing the club faster and generate higher ball speeds, the trend is toward lighter clubs that are easier to swing, from the shafts on down to the club heads. And that’s exactly what Wilson has done with the D7 driver, with a club-head weight of just 192 grams.

They’ve coupled that with their RE-AKT™ technology to create a combination of superlight design and reactive face technology, which they say leads to faster clubhead and ball speeds for greater distance off the tee.

However, not wanting to sacrifice the sound and feel of the club, a (K)omposite Crown design features a layer of DuPont™ Kevlar® between layers of carbon fiber which helps to neutralize unwanted vibrations for a sharp, crisp sound when struck, as well as outstanding feel on all shots.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver“The process of creating the D7 driver started with designing the head shape and then stripping out nearly 25 grams of excessive weight,” said Jon Pergande, Global Innovation Manager for Wilson Golf. “This weight was strategically returned to the head with the goal of improving the sound of the driver and optimizing ball flight with Dynamic Launch Control.”

So what is Dynamic Launch Control (DLC)? This nifty innovation positions internal weights in each clubhead to help aid players based on their particular swing speed.

  • 9.0º – This is for golfers with moderate-to-fast swing speed. The DLC weighting is moved forward in the head for lower launch and lower spinning shot.
  • 10.5º – This setting is also for golfers with a moderate-to-fast swing speed; however, the weighting is positioned in the middle of the head to help create a higher launch and higher spin for those who prefer it.
  • 13.0º – And finally, for golfers with a slow-to-moderate swing speed, Wilson positioned the weighting further back towards the heel to help create the highest launch and spin, as well as to promote a draw bias and help those who fight the dreaded slice.

Wilson Staff D7 drivers feature the new UST-Mamiya Helium Series shaft – a lightweight shaft with extreme stability (A-, R-, and S-flexes available). They also come with the new Wilson Staff MicroLite Lamkin grips, which offer a traditional feel in a super-lightweight construction.

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

In the new line of D7 fairway woods and hybrids, Wilson continues to build clubs that are super lightweight, designed to increase swing and ball speeds for longer distance and easier launch. Marking a shift from their previous distance clubs, Wilson consulted with their stable of Tour pros to create a tour-preferred head shape while maintaining maximum forgiveness as well.

The new lightweight crown of the club has thin-cast pockets which reduce their weight by five grams. Featuring a Carpenter Custom 455 stainless steel-face insert, the face is ultra-thin and ultra-hot for ultimate distance and feel.

As Jon Pergande noted, “By removing excess weight and changing the structure of the clubs, we see that the D7 woods and hybrids make a significant gain in performance. As with the D7 driver, the D7 fairway woods and hybrids can be swung faster with the same effort to give golfers the desired distance.”

The D7 fairway woods are available in three loft options – 15º, 18º, and 21º, and come with the same shaft and grips as the driver.

Wilson’s D7 hybrids are available in four loft options – 19º, 22º, 25º, and 28º, and feature a UST-Mamiya Recoil shaft (A-, R-, and S-flexes), as well as a Wilson Staff classic Lamkin Crossline pattern grip.

Once again, Wilson Staff delivers with the D7 line of drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids, and offers golfers of all levels high-performance clubs at a great value.