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Wilson Staff: Duo Golf Balls


Wilson Duo Golf Balls

One of the innovators of the original low compression golf ball, Wilson Staff, picks up right where they left off and then some with their latest line of golf balls. The new and improved Duo line is not only still the softest, longest, and straightest golf balls in its category, but it is now even longer, more durable, higher launching and even faster than ever before. First up in the line of golf balls is the Wilson Duo Soft & Duo Soft Women’s.

So what sets the Duo Soft apart from other golf balls in its class? To start, the Duo Soft features a larger, low compression core (29-compression to be exact) that is also 3 percent larger, making for more energy at impact. The Duo Soft is a 2-piece golf ball that institutes shallower dimples (roughly 6 percent shallower) to promote longer carry and overall distance. The result is a low-compression, high launching, low spin ball flight. In simpler terms, it’s straight & long.

DOc6enCVQAARfKq.jpg-largeSimilar to the new Duo Soft is the Duo Optix. Built with the same 3 percent larger 29-compression core, shallower dimple pattern, and 2-piece ball as the Duo Soft, there is one significant difference with the Optix. They are covered in a unique matte pattern. With your choice of pink, green, red, yellow, orange and matte white, the Duo Optix will help you set yourself apart from the others. So if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, hit it long, straight and consistent, then this is the ball for you.

Last in the new line from Wilson Staff is the new Duo Soft Spin. This 3-piece design provides all the same benefits of the Duo Soft with a softer feel and added benefits around the greens. The Duo Soft Spin features a low-compression core (40-compression to be exact) and a firmer mantle layer for lower spin on tee shots and increased spin around the greens (about 20% more than the standard Duo Soft). All of these benefits plus a firm, ionomer blend cover that can improve short game performance and distance result in the perfect ball for golfers looking for distance, accuracy, and feel around the greens.

The new Duo line of golf balls from Wilson Staff is now available for purchase. Visit one of our Worldwide Golf Shops location or visit us at today!