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Wilson Staff DUO Professional Golf Ball

For over 60 years, Wilson Staff has pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology when it comes to golf balls. A long-time industry leader in golfing equipment, the Chicago-based company continues to create top-quality golf balls at reasonable prices. This time, in the form of the Wilson DUO Professional.

Their new DUO Professional ball is a 3-piece construction that compares favorably to top-of-the-line 4-piece balls. Based on player feedback, Wilson set out to improve on their DUO line with a ball that performs better on and around the greens.

The urethane cover helps ensure a ball that feels extra-soft on short-game shots, preferred by better players. Wilson knows that feel and sound are vitally important to players and strived to craft a ball that everyday golfers can hear and feel, thus providing maximum feedback on all shots.

Wilson also points out that most golf balls are maxed out when it comes to distance, as regulated by the game’s governing bodies, therefore, with not much to gain in terms of distance, most low-handicap players want a ball that offers optimal control. Their testing shows that those players prefer a softer ball which equates to more feel and touch around the greens.

Tested on Golf Channel’s hit TV show, Driver vs Driver 2, the DUO Professional has a low, 60-compression core construction with a seamless 362-dimple design pattern. And according to Wilson, this equates to enhanced distance and trajectory as compared to any other 3-piece ball on the market.

Not only does the urethane cover provide a soft feel and exceptional greenside spin as well, but the cover is also extremely durable and scuff resistant so it lasts longer in outstanding condition.

Combining the low compression core with a mid-hardness ionomer mantle layer, the Wilson Staff DUO Professional golf ball delivers the ideal combination of soft feel and player-preferred control.

The DUO comes in a standard, gloss white color, as well as three high-visibility matte colors – green, yellow and orange.

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