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Women’s Golf Clothes Brands Review 2023

Three women’s golf apparel options from IBKUL

Over the last few years, golf has witnessed remarkable growth as a sport, and with it, an increasing number of women have taken to the golf course. Along every athlete’s journey, it becomes essential to find high-quality sports apparel that seamlessly blends style and comfort. However, the options in women’s golf clothing haven’t always been as abundant as they are in today’s market. 

More and more golf attire brands have begun to recognize the importance of addressing the needs and preferences of this growing audience segment of women golfers. Although many brands offer options for women’s golf clothes, we will focus on three particular brands renowned for their diverse range and outstanding style of women’s golf apparel:

  • adidas
  • Nike

In this article, we will evaluate the quality of each brand’s offerings, explore their average price points, and discuss the pros and cons. This comparison aims to help women find a brand that aligns most closely with their individual sense of style and athletic performance requirements.

Let’s tee off!


Options in women’s golf clothes from adidas

A widely recognizable name even outside the golfing space, adidas has developed a reputation for creating stylish, well-made, and comfortable activewear. Their golf attire is no different, and they are the brand with the most options for women’s golf clothes.

Their iconic branding is present in much of their golf wear, with many options that resemble their traditional “three-stripe”-branded clothing from other markets. They also offer more classically styled golf wear to compete with brands that specialize in the sport, which makes it incredibly easy to find something that you like when shopping the adidas line. Their construction quality is solid, offering clothes that won’t wear out too quickly. 

Their value is also extremely competitive. With tops and bottoms that start around $30, and premium options north of $100, adidas offers tremendous dollar-for-dollar value at many different price points.

Pros Cons
✔ Iconic adidas styling is great for existing brand supporters
✔ Widest variety of options
✔ Impressive value
✘ Not as many options at the specialty/super-premium price points


Three women’s golf apparel options from IBKUL

The brand with the next-largest offering in women’s golf clothes is IBKUL. They have an impressive range of tops, bottoms, jackets, and hats for both men and women, but enjoy an enormous edge over most other brands with women’s options. They also offer a unique selling point, promising consumers that every item includes the following features:

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • IceFil technology reduces body temperature by up to 5 degrees
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabric reduces odor and improves comfort

This makes IBKUL a great option for those seeking maximum functionality in golfing attire. By offering all of these features at price points as low as $30, they also represent great value. Their unique styling trends toward bright colors and patterns—more Lilly Pulitzer than Jack Nicklaus—which sets them apart from more traditional looks or specialty brands. Ultimately, the decision comes down to taste, because the sheer number of features you get for a very affordable price point makes their objective value abundantly clear.

Pros Cons
✔ Unmatched functionality at the price point
✔ Wide variety of options
✔ Excellent value
✘ Unique styling can narrow their market
✘ Don’t offer shoes


Three women’s golf apparel options from Nike

Another well-known apparel brand from beyond the world of golf, Nike also offers an impressive variety for women in comparison to most other golf brands. Specifically, their golf apparel does a great job of integrating Dri-Fit fabric technology into their women’s attire. Because so many athletes from other sports have already grown to love this Nike textile, it gives them a unique market advantage.

Their styling shows a variety similar to adidas, with gear reminiscent of traditional activewear that targets a golf-focused audience. While Nike lacks an abundance of options in the $30 range, they offer more unique offerings made with their Dri-Fit tech, including some of the best UV-protective leggings on the market.

Pros Cons
✔ Stylistic variety Nike is already known for
✔ Beloved Dri-fit technology
✔ Competitive value
✘ Not as many options at the specialty/super-premium price points

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