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XXIO Forged Irons Boast V.T. Sole

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

As a rule, XXIO clubs are geared for slower-swinging golfers who crave feel and forgiveness as well as greater distance, and for whom cosmetics are very important. And one of the latest offerings from that Japanese equipment maker, whose name is pronounced ZEX-i-o, is the XXIO Forged Irons set.

These sticks are forged from mild carbon steel and feature a so-called V.T. Sole, which is designed to improve shot consistency by minimizing turf resistance through impact. That feature also stabilizes head speed, company officials say, for tighter shot dispersion and greater accuracy

In addition, they have made the bottom heel and toe portions of the cavity back thinner, for better face flexibility and faster ball speeds on off-center hits.

XXIO Forged Irons are available from 4-SW, with Nippon N.S. Pro 930GH D.S.T. steel and MX-6000 graphite shafts stock, in both R and S flexes.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.