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XXIO’s Slow-Motion Solution

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Made and sold primarily in Japan as part of the Dunlop Sports Co. but also marketed in the U.S. with Cleveland Golf and Srixon, XXIO clubs are geared for golfers with slower swing speeds, generally between 90 and 95 mph.

And for those players whose numbers fall below that range, there is now XXIO (pronounced
Zex-io) Prime.

Prime-DriverAccording to Jeff Brunski, director of research and development for the three brands, the sticks not only help people hit the ball farther, thanks to their lighter weight and employment of a new SP-900 graphite shaft that enables players to elevate clubhead speed, they also improve forgiveness.

The most notable of the new XXIO Prime offerings is the driver, and Brunski touts both those attributes as he also lauds its “powerful draw bias,” its Wing Cup Face that is made to work with a Sole Channel Structure to create better flex at impact and widen the sweet spot, and a lower and deeper center of gravity that is designed to enhance launch and accuracy.

At the same time, XXIO also is offering Prime fairways, utilities and irons. The fairways come in 3-, 5- and 7-wood versions and employ a full titanium face cup structure that was created to bolster distance on off-center hits as well as a lower and deeper CG for higher and easier launching of shots from any number of lies. The clubs also feature a draw bias.

As for the utilities (U5, U6 and U7), they feature a cup face made of high-strength maraging steel and use a crown blade and shallow back to lower and deepen their CG. And the Prime irons boasts a tungsten-nickel sole weight that does much the same thing, with XXIO integrating a high-density tungsten-nickel inner sole to pull the CG even lower and deeper in the 5-7 irons.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.