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20 for 20 with Corey Pavin – GolfBetter Podcast #182

20 years ago Corey Pavin won the US Open.

Corey joins us in this episode of GolfBetter to discuss his time as a college golfer at UCLA, his experiences of being a Ryder Cup player and captain and his memories from that 1995 US Open, including that famous 4 wood shot to #18.

All in under 20 minutes.pavin_profile_480x288_1

And he answers our “5 Questions in 50 Seconds”.  If we scored each answer 4 points each, he’d have 20 points.

Check out the episode by clicking below, by going to our website (click HERE) or by subscribing free at iTunes.

Oh, and if you’d like one of those Cleveland VAS #4 woods, word is you can probably find one preowned.  For about $20.