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Hula Hands for Better Release Position

Hula Hands put you in perfect position to release the golf club

With summer just about here, we thought it would be a good time to focus on the Hula Hands drill. While it won’t involve a vacation to Hawaii, it will help you with your swing and with eliminating the nastly flip golfers can create with their wrists at impact.

By perfecting the Hula Drill, golfers will prevent the early release of their wrists as well as their dominant hand trying to hit the golf ball before it should, according to Jeremy Klinkhamer, physical therapist and owner of FitGolf Performance Centers in San Diego.

Follow the video above and create a leading motion with your wrists. While performing the drill, you can stop in front of your left leg and see how Hula Hands will put you in a good position to release the club.