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5 Tips – Drivers with TaylorMade’s Keith Sbarbaro

Play Better Series – The Vice President of Global Tour Operations for TaylorMade Golf, Mr. Keith Sbarbaro, joins us for Episode #270 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast to discuss 5 Play Better tips for being a better driver of the golf ball. 

In this episode, we talk about Keith’s day to day with TaylorMade Golf, the importance of getting custom fit for the right driver, the keys to using the correct loft in your driver, the length of your driver and how it affects your swing, and how twist face can benefit the amateur golfer.  Most players should also inspect what they expect, you could find that there is something you’re missing that you never noticed before. Lastly, know your limits, when you try and do too much with your driver, you lose forgiveness. 

Take a listen to our podcast and visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to get custom fit for your next driver!