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5 Tips – Keys to Better Iron Play with Hank Haney

Play Better Series – World renowned teaching professional and Callaway staffer, Hank Haney joins us for Episode #272 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss the 5 tips for better iron play. Tip number one, make sure you have the right irons for your game. Getting custom fit for your irons is an important part of this step. Second, fix your big miss by doing an analysis to see where you mostly miss. Third, make sure that your grip pressure is correct. Fourth, make solid contact. Analyze where you miss. Last, take 100 practice swings a day. It helps improve your tempo, rhythm, and timing. 

Take a listen to our podcast and visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to get custom fit for your next set of irons!