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A Shopping Bonus for Golfers

Customers nationwide now can receive store credit on purchases with PARtner Loyalty Rewards

Golfers across the nation now can experience even more benefits at Worldwide Golf Shops retail stores as the popular PARtner Loyalty Rewards program has expanded to all 81 store locations.

The program has been offered at approximately half of the company’s stores for more than a decade before expanding in 2022. 

Now all shoppers will receive two percent back on nearly every purchase, with their annual “dividend” delivered electronically at the end of each calendar year in the form of store credit good for one full year. Previously, checks had been mailed, so customers now will receive their rewards much faster. 

Vice President of Marketing Rick Levy said the PARtner Loyalty Rewards program is a great way to give enrollees something extra for shopping at Worldwide Golf Shops stores across the country, including Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Edwin Watts Golf, The Golf Mart, Van’s Golf Shops, Golfers’ Warehouse, Uinta Golf, and Las Vegas Golf Superstore.
“The PARtner Loyalty Rewards program helps us reward our loyal customer base, and gives them an additional reason to think about us when making their equipment purchases,” Levy said. 

Members will also receive offers for specials on certain product launches, preferred access to some demo days, and more.

“We are now able to communicate with members of the program even faster and deliver information about product launches and other specials digitally,” Levy said. “We’re excited to be able to offer all the benefits of the program to all of our customers.”

Here’s how to sign up 

Signing up for the PARtner Loyalty Rewards program is easy and free. Golfers can scan the QR code below or scan as you enter any Worldwide Golf Shops store. Your membership will be active when you reach the register at check out. 

As part of the 2021 program, loyalty checks will be mailed by the middle of March to more than 100,000 customers, and stores are excited to see how many rewards get emailed in 2023 to this year’s loyal customers.