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Best Putter Under $200: Budget-Friendly Precision

Three of the best putters under $200 in different head shapes and shaft/hosel configurations

The beautiful thing about the modern golf market is that there are some excellent clubs of every type available on a tighter budget. Several great brands can bring you consistent results without breaking the bank.

When it comes to putters, there are so many aspects that need to be custom-tailored to your preferences and your putting stroke. This makes it impossible to crown a single “best putter under $200” for every golfer. Instead, it is better to understand how to choose the right putter under $200 for you.

The best way to make the most out of your budget on a putter is to get a free putter fitting at a golf shop to find out the right putter for your stroke, considering all of the following:

Toe Hang The degree to which the toe will close or rotate throughout the stroke.
Shaft Position/Hosel Shape The position of the shaft relative to the head, and how the hosel shape connects it to the head, will affect how much stability and rotational resistance it has. 
Head Shape Clubhead shapes with more weight toward the back are more forgiving to off-center hits but provide less feedback on contact. These are usually divided into blade, mallet, and mid-mallet.
Unique Features This covers various extra features that different brands and models will offer that may add to some golfers’ experiences, but may not be as useful to others.

Disclaimer: There are other things like lie angle, length, and even loft that you will get fitted for at a professional golf fitting, but these can be changed on whatever putter you buy. The configurations we are discussing in this article are those that are largely dependent on, or completely dictated by, the brand and model of the putter that you use.

Toe Hang

At a putter fitting, the amount of toe hang you’ll need will be determined by the amount of arc in your natural putting stroke. Typically, more toe hang will benefit golfers with more arc in their stroke. The best way to determine this is in a professional fitting, but you can also do this at home by practicing your putting stroke over an alignment rod or other straight object to see how much it arcs.

Since you won’t have a fitter recommending putters this way, shop with a golf retailer that can offer expert support even through their online store. Retailers like Worldwide Golf Shops have knowledgeable staff you can connect with while shopping for putters, and they can recommend models that work better for arced or square-to-square strokes.

Shaft Position and Hosel Shape

Where the shaft is positioned relative to the head has a massive impact on how much the putter will resist twisting at impact. Center-shafted putters are more face-balanced and will resist rotation more, heel-shafted putters will resist it less. Different bend configurations will allow golfers to get the balance of one shaft configuration, but the rotational control of the other.

This is where it becomes really important to speak with an expert, or get a free expert fitting, as there are a wide variety of hosel/shaft configurations to choose from, and the best way to figure out the best choice for you is to use them in front of a fitter, especially when looking for the best putter under $200 for you.

Head Shape

There are three general head shape categories:

  • Blade
  • Mallet
  • Mid-Mallet

Blades are slimmer, with more weight positioned near the face, whereas mallets have larger heads that put more weight toward the rear. Blades provide more feedback and fine control at impact, mallets provide more forgiveness on off-center strikes. Mid-mallet is a catch-all term used for putter heads that fall somewhere between the two.

Within each category, different brands will have massive arrays of head shapes designed to give golfers the right balance of each category’s benefit. Some examples are blade-style heads with material extending only from the toe and heel, providing the smooth green interaction of a mallet, and utilizing some extra perimeter weight to increase forgiveness without completely eliminating the feedback benefit of the blade.

Unique Features

This is a wide category that will take some research, but many brands offer proprietary shafts, face inserts, head shapes, interchangeable weights, and other features that can help push them over the edge in regard to value for the money.

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