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Bryson DeChambeau Podcast #327 – Cobra RAD Speed

Worldwide Golf Shops INSIDER PODCAST #327! In this installment, we chat with Tour Pro, Bryson DeChambeau courtesy of Cobra Golf! Bryson talks about growing up playing golf through his love of nature, his experience playing tour golf through the COVID-19 pandemic, and Cobra Golf’s new RAD Speed Family. Please listen in on this very informative INSIDER Podcast.

Podcast Transcript:

Welcome to the worldwide golf Shops Insider Podcast. Episode 327. Hello everyone Tom Brassell here thanks so much for joining us. Our special guest today joins us courtesy of our friends at Cobra Puma Golf. He is the 2020 United States Open champion, Mr Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson. Thanks so much for joining us. I don’t know about you, but I like the way that sounds 2020 US Open champion. 

It has a good ring to it. Thank you.  Appreciate  You have me on so with a lot of fun. 

I want to talk about the incredible year last year, but question our listeners like to hear is we all fell in love with this game somehow, you know, take us back to you know what you did. 

Normally childhood somebody influenced. You talk about that briefly. 

Yeah, my dad was a Professional golfer for a little while until he had me and he turned back to being an amateur, but I got to the golf course with him all the time and grew up around the game. Played a bunch of other sports, but we’re really drew me into the game was How individualized it was and how you know it was outdoors and then you know it was in nature and love looking at trees and seeing birds and wind and all that.  I just loved nature in general and once I got a little bit older. I started watching golf films and watching Ben Hogan and I washed out part how hard he worked and you know my parents always talked to me about hard work and dedication and whatnot, and I found a similarity there and once I saw his golf swing I just wanted to swing it as good as him and that kind of gave me the golf bug and from then on I’ve always been trying to pursue.  And you know, excellent as much as possible. 

Well, you mentioned Mr Hogan.  Is that where the cap came from? 

You got it. That is exactly where it came from.  So yeah, not too bad.  And then once I got to college too, you know at SMU Payne Stewart obviously went there and so it kind of worked out in that fashion too.  So it’s a tribute to Hogan and paints it as well. 

Let’s go back to about.  This time last year, maybe a little past pricing ’cause you starting off a new season there. Everything is going well and then around the first round of The Players Championship our whole world comes unglued. I mean everything stops.  We don’t know what safe is if it’s safe to go outside if it’s safe to hit balls.  Talk about what you did and what you were going through and those next few months, yeah? 

It was an interesting time for sure.  I was very blessed to have a gym at home and I had a hitting simulator golf simulator in my house and I really thought, OK, how we’re gonna be locked down for a substantial amount of time now.  How can I get some really good practice in. 

And how can I do something with my body that will make a difference when I come back out and so from then on I started working out really hard every single day and getting a lot of strength and muscle size and mass.  And over the course of, you know, a few months I was able to change the transform my body, you know.  So once we got back out of quarantine and then Colonial started, it came back a different person with a whole new swing speed. 

Yeah, it was kind of like Bryson 2.0 and we saw something totally different. You win at rocket mortgage. And. It was on display talk about that that was that was awesome. 

Yeah, that was pretty cool moment for me.  It definitely showed that I could change and transform my body and still win.  Yeah, only only a few people in the course of this game of golf have done that and it was cool to see that and to be able to experience it.  And just to feel it. Feel how how amazing it was to set your mind to something and accomplish something that few people have done. And you know, it’s great to be able to then going back it up at the US Open. But you know, Rocket Mortgage is cool. I was nervous that whole week and didn’t know if it would pay off in the end. You know the 1st three weeks, it was great top 10 and whatnot, but. 

Never got the win and you know finally was able to get the win and kind of kinda.  You know, there’s a lot of.  I guess you could.  Say positivity that came about from it’s knowing that. 

I fulfilled something that I. 

Yeah, and you mentioned it a little bit later on Winged Foot. The US Open you win by 6 in a US open in September and there’s not any fans that I know. It doesn’t take away from it, but talk about that week at US Open ’cause it was. It was from my perspective, it was something beautiful to watch. 

Yeah.  No, definitely it was really weird too as well.  I’m not having fans there.  It was kind of sad too.  I mean they give you an example.  You know Matthew and I were battling it out in the. 

Last round and I was able to get it up on the Green Online and he was able to 12 feet and I made a 30 footer and all of a sudden you know I thought the crowd would have gone wild but there was no crowd and so there’s a couple collapsed and nobody went crazy or anything and I just walked in a 30 footer on.  You know the the 9th hole around.  Normally have a huge transcendent everybody we’ve been losing their mind over, but there’s just a couple claps that a couple of small golf claps and I think that was kind of the juxtaposition of the place we’re in today.  Yeah.  And I think that was just a really interesting and cool moment.  That kind of highlighted the whole tournament right then and there. 

Yeah, last year we got to interview some of your fellow tour players.  Colin Morikawa, Xander,  Webb, Simpson, and all that. It was all the same. My gosh, we miss our fans.  We miss our fans out here so different.  How does how does it feel out there without Them?

Well, it’s it’s a bit dulled down if that makes sense.  It doesn’t feel like there’s as much hype.  To to the tournament.  Now obviously in the background and Sunday you still feel those pressures and whatnot, but if people aren’t watching you people and turn you on, people aren’t rooting for you, it’s it’s.  It’s really weird, but you know, I hope we don’t get too accustomed to it.  ’cause I wanna see his fans back out there, but it is what it is.  This is the world we’re living in. 

Bryson, our friends at Cobra Puma, brought you to us.  And you’ve been with them since the beginning.  Talk about that.  That’s a great relationship you guys have. 

It is Bob Phiilian started out he wanted to.  Help me out and see what we could do together and create a great relationship together which we have.  And then you know you’re in a little bit ago.  Dan Ladd came in the picture and and Bob moved up a little bit and it’s been amazing. 

This whole process has been incredible through tough times through the good times, they’ve always been supportive no matter what.  And I think that’s the most important thing is that when you’re part of the Cobra Puma family, you are family.  It’s not just. 

It’s not just a word, you know. We all care about each other. We want the best for each other. You want Try and do the best on each level you know all the way from. You know, building hosels, building grooves in the face to to you know.  Being just a support. 

On the back end of being positive, no matter what happens, they they’re there for you and it’s an amazing relationship that will be there for a long, long, long time. 

We got to speak to Jose this past week and he said that you’ve been testing the RAD speed driver prototype.  It’s I don’t know if it’s in your bag right now, but talk talk about the the new driver. 

Yep.  Yeah, it’s definitely a unique design.  We’ve done some pretty amazing.  Things the CG being moved a little differently, and so in that face, which is pretty sweet, Infinity face and then also have, you know, I would say personally that the design and look of it is really cool and unique to me.  An you know, is stuff that characteristics from the speed zone have translated over into their ad speed, but they.  You know highlighted and identified the little things that make it even better, which we’re still working on on on making it perfect for me.  ’cause you know, my drivers have to be unfortunately so unique with the speeds I create. So unfortunately, but at the same point, time parameters or like it’s it’s one of the best performing drivers that I’ve I’ve played today.  It’s just, you know.  Again, making it perfect for me is A is a different story because of the speeds I.  I obtain but for everybody else it’s it’s amazing driver. 

He also said the popularity of the sales of the one length irons are really are really increasing. Just some words of advice and somebody was going to look into those to help there. 

Yeah, I would say you don’t have to swing the way I swing.  You can swing it whatever way you want an let the clubs reform the way they should so you could have a two plane swing.  You can have a Jim Furyk swing, you have whatever swing you want.  The golf clubs themselves are just going to help you stay in the same posture no matter the situation you’re in, no matter the swing you have. So so let people you know.  I want people to know that I want people to understand that you don’t have to swing like me in order.  To use those golf clubs there a Golf Club that will help any amateur like trying to improve their iron play.  Getting them from a let’s say you know 20.  Handicap down to 15 I think.  Could be totally easy to do if they give it a try and stick with it for at least a week, they’ll see that the difference.  The strike they can get on a four and five aren’t even pitching wedge.  We have everything the same length becomes really easy when you’re practicing your 7 iron and also practicing every single of them at the same time because it’s the same like the same glove. 

Well, that’s great advice, say Bryson as we closing what’s in, what’s in store for 2021? I’ve been watching some videos of you working with Kyle Berkshire in the swing speeds. Unbelievable talk about what your fans could look for from Bryson in 2021. 

Yeah, yeah.  Which.  Well, hopefully more speed this year.  They will hopefully see a lot more speed.  Hopefully my wedges will be a little bit better and I’m going to make a lot more pots. 

That’s the goal.  Now it’s it’s a long process still and we a long way to go, but I think I’m headed in the right direction.  I know I’m headed in the right direction. 

Bryson again, thanks so much for joining us today. Thanks for coming on. Best wishes to you for a great 2021 will be cheering you on. 

Great, thank you. 

The 2020 US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau, courtesy of Cobra Puma Golf. What a great interview. Some great takeaways from that interview. Certainly the one length irons you don’t have to swing like Bryson to benefit from him. You might want to try to give him a shot and also the rad speed driver. He’ll have it in his bag.  Certainly give that a try and then finally. 

The year 2021, look for more speed from Bryson DeChambeau. Well, special thanks to Cobra Puma for putting that together and to your listeners, and we’ll do it again next time. We have another episode of. The worldwide golf shops.  Insider podcast here at So long everyone.