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Bushnell Golf – John Novosel – Episode #392

Bushnell Golf’s Innovations with John Novosel

In the latest episode of the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming John Novosel, a product specialist from Bushnell Golf. Host Tom Brassell and John dive into the cutting-edge technology featured in Bushnell’s newest offerings, providing avid golfers a glimpse into the future of the sport.

The Pro X3 Plus: A Game-Changer on the Green

The highlight of the conversation was the introduction of the new Pro X3 Plus models. These rangefinders are a testament to Bushnell’s commitment to innovation. Key features that caught our attention:

  • Fully Waterproof: Designed to withstand the elements, ensuring reliability in all weather conditions.
  • Air Pressure and Temperature Sensitivity: A groundbreaking addition, enhancing accuracy by considering environmental factors.
  • Slope Locking Switch: A critical feature for golfers, especially those playing in tournaments.

It’s no wonder that 99% of PGA players trust Bushnell Rangefinders for their precision and reliability.

Wingman 2 GPS Speaker: More Than Just Music

Our conversation then shifted to the latest iteration of the Wingman GPS Speaker, the Wingman 2. This device goes beyond being a mere speaker, bringing a suite of enhancements to the golf course:

  • Charging Functionality: Ensuring your devices stay powered throughout the round.
  • Improved Battery Life: Longer playtime means more uninterrupted enjoyment on the course.
  • Enhanced Remote with a Stronger Magnet: Offers convenience and better usability, allowing golfers to focus more on their game.

The Bushnell Launch Pro: A Personal Launch Monitor

An exciting addition to the Bushnell family is the Launch Pro launch monitor. This device promises to transform practice sessions with features tailored for the avid golfer:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Offering insights into every aspect of your swing and ball flight.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Making it accessible for golfers at all skill levels.
  • Portability: Allowing golfers to bring this advanced technology wherever they go.

Get Your Hands on Bushnell Golf Tech

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Final Thoughts

The conversation with John Novosel not only highlighted the technological strides in golf equipment but also reinforced the passion and dedication behind Bushnell’s products. As the sport evolves, Bushnell continues to be at the forefront, enhancing the golfing experience for players at all levels.

Stay tuned for more insights and interviews on the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast, where we bring the latest and greatest from the golfing world right to your ears.