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Bushnell – John Novosel – Podcast #377

On episode #377 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast, we chat with John Novosel of Bushnell Golf. John takes us through the newest additions to the Bushnell Golf Family. Fun fact, 99.3% of players on tour trust Bushnell to prepare for their tournament rounds including some of the newest gear for 2023. New to the line from Bushnell is the Tour V6, Wingman View, Wingman Mini and Launch Pro.

The New Tour V6 has some additional adjustments from previous renditions including and updated slope algorithm. Wingman View has upgrades with a new display feature where you can see front/middle/back of green numbers and TWS Speaker Pairing Technology. This technology allows you to pair two speakers together for a left and right speaker. The Wingman Mini is the small package with a big punch. It’s waterproof, smaller, lighter, and also features the bite technology to attach to your cart. Lastly, the Launch Pro Launch Monitor (made by foresight) has the same tour level accuracy from club and ball data to attach angles and trajectory to dial in all clubs throughout your bag.

A very special thank you to Bushnell for setting up this interview. Take a listen to our interview with John here. To find a store location near you to check out the latest gear from Bushnell, click here!

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