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Callaway Golf – Michael Vrska – Episode #395

In the latest episode of the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast, host Tom Brassell sits down with Michael Vrska, the Director of Custom Fitting and Player Performance at Callaway Golf. Episode #395 takes listeners on a deep dive into the fascinating world of golf equipment fitting and the cutting-edge technology that’s shaping the way players experience the game.

The Evolution of Custom Fitting

Michael Vrska opens the discussion by outlining the significant strides made in the custom fitting process over the years. Traditionally viewed as a luxury service, fitting is now considered essential for golfers at all levels who want to maximize their performance. Vrska explains, “Custom fitting has transformed from a niche offering to a mainstream necessity, with technology at the heart of this evolution.”

A Closer Look at Fitting for Different Clubs

The conversation gets technical as Vrska breaks down the fitting process for various types of golf clubs:

  • Woods: Fitting for woods involves analyzing the player’s swing speed, ball trajectory, and spin rates to optimize distance and accuracy.
  • Irons: For irons, the focus shifts to shot shaping, control, and ensuring the right set composition from long irons to more forgiving mid and short irons.
  • Wedges: Wedge fitting looks at bounce options, sole grinds, and loft selections to enhance performance around the greens.
  • Putters: With putters, personal preference and comfort are as important as technical specifications like loft, lie, and length.
  • Golf Balls: Surprisingly, even golf balls are subject to fitting, with choices made based on desired spin rates and flight characteristics.

Technological Innovations: Old vs. New

Vrska discusses the stark differences between older golf technologies and the latest advancements. He highlights how new materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques not only improve the performance of the clubs but also help players enjoy a more forgiving and satisfying game. Upgrading your gear, he notes, can lead to noticeable improvements in your game due to these technological enhancements.

Training for Excellence

An essential part of the podcast covers the rigorous training that Worldwide Golf employees undergo to fit Callaway gear. This training ensures that staff members are not only knowledgeable about the products but also skilled in using advanced fitting tools and techniques. “Our goal is to ensure that every golfer walks away with equipment that feels like it was built specifically for them,” says Brassell.

Introducing Callaway Ai Smoke Woods

Before wrapping up, Brassell and Vrska touch on the exciting launch of the new Callaway Ai Smoke Woods. These clubs are the epitome of innovation, designed using Artificial Intelligence to provide unprecedented levels of performance. Vrska’s enthusiasm is palpable as he discusses the features that set these woods apart from the competition.

Get Fitted Today

For those eager to experience the best of what Callaway has to offer, Vrska and Brassell encourage golfers to visit a Worldwide Golf Retail Location. Whether it’s to test the new Ai Smoke Woods or to find the perfect fit across all types of golf equipment, personalized fitting services are available to help elevate your game.

Listeners are invited to check out more details online at, where they can also find the nearest retail location and book a fitting appointment.

In conclusion, Episode #395 of the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast not only enlightens golf enthusiasts about the latest developments in golf technology but also underscores the importance of custom fitting in enhancing player performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, embracing these advancements can significantly impact your enjoyment and success in the sport.