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Callaway Rogue ST – Glenn Hickey – #348

On this installment of the Worldwide Golf Shops INSIDER Podcast, we talk the all-new Callaway Rogue ST lineup with Glenn Hickey, Executive Vice President of Sales at Callaway Golf. Glenn speaks on his role with the company, the in’s and outs of the new Callaway Rogue ST lineup, immediate feedback from the tour pros, and the technology behind the lineup.

Callaway Rogue ST Driver – Available Models

Similar to previous lineups in the Callaway family, the Callaway Rogue ST has improved off of its success with the AI systems and patented Jailbreak technology. In addition to the technology, the Callaway Rogue ST lineup has a driver for golfers of all skill levels. The four driver models include the Rogue ST Max D, Rogue ST Max, Rogue ST LS, and the Rogue ST Triple Diamond.

The Callaway Driver that is Best for You

Curious which Callaway Rogue ST Driver is best for you? Custom fitting can get you into the right club for your game but here is a general breakdown of the Rogue ST driver lineup; For golfers that slice the ball, there is the Rogue ST Max D. Additional weight positioned at the heel of the driver helps the toe move faster through the ball at impact, promoting a draw. Rogue ST Max is the driver that fits most golfers and is the most forgiving of the lineup.

For the better players there is the Rogue ST LS or “low spin.” The LS model does a great job taking the left side out of play (for right handed golfers) and suits better players who like to play that baby cut. Rounding out the driver family is the Rogue ST Triple Diamond. The Triple Diamond is for the best of the best golfers and features a 450cc Low spin head made for precision optimization.

Fairways, Hybrids and Irons

Aside from the Rogue ST Driver lineup, the Callaway Rogue ST Fairway and Hybrid lineups have seen some tremendous enhancements. The AI integration on the Rogue ST Fairways and Hybrids has generated massive improvements in performance. Some of the results include increased balls speeds to improved shot dispersion. Like the Rogue ST drivers, the Rogue ST fairways come in three offering with similar features described in the driver category above; Rogue ST Max, Rogue ST Max D, and Rogue ST LS.

Keeping up with the theme of a club for everyone, the Rogue ST Irons lineup features four new irons. The Rogue ST Max, Max OS, Max OS Lite, and Pro Irons. Each model within the iron lineup has features geared toward specific golfers.

Rogue ST Max Irons have refined game-improvement shaping and the strongest lofts in the Rogue ST family. They fit a wide range of golfers who want speed, forgiveness, and all-around iron performance. Like the Rogue ST Max Irons, the Rogue ST Max OS Irons maintain the Max features. They however promote a high launch, and have a wider soles, and enhanced offset. They’re specifically designed for mid-to-high handicap golfers looking to get the most out of their irons. Rogue ST Max OS Lite irons are a lighter version of the Max OS version. They featur more loft, lighter shafts and lighter swing weights. The low-to-mid single digit handicap offering in the lineup is the Rogue ST Pro. This features all the best technologies of Rogue ST, in a hollow body construction and a compact players shape.

Custom Fitting

Take the new Callaway Rogue lineup for a test run at one of our many Worldwide Golf Shops locations. To find a location near you, click here. To book a custom fitting, click here. Fitting days are happening at our stores across the company, you don’t want to miss your chance to GO ROGUE!

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