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Dialed In

Bushnell Golf unveils two new rangefinders with enhanced accuracy and consistency

Bushnell Golf’s latest rangefinders, the Tour V6 and the Tour V6 Shift, are a sight to behold. Both models feature updated PinSeeker with visual JOLT technology to lock onto your target, and when the rangefinder finds the flag, the ring around the optical viewfinder flashes red and the JOLT vibrates. Now you’re dialed in — with enhanced accuracy and consistency.

Also improved from the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift is the weather resistance, each with an IPX6 rating. That’s effectively all you will need for any weather you encounter. Just don’t submerge it in a lake.    

Other highlights on the latest models are the handsome black, silver and orange color scheme, just enough body weight to feel stable in the wind, and the convenience of the BITE magnetic mount that allows for easy attachment on the golf cart bar. 

With 6x magnification and a distance range of 5 to 1,300 yards, the Bushnell Tour V6 comes out-of-the-box ready to help lower your score. The only differences between the Tour V6 and the Tour V6 Shift are the slope functionality and the colors. The Tour V6 Shift has slope functionality built in, the Tour V6 does not.

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