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Fixing That Slice with your Driver

If you’re like many right-handed golfers, you probably struggle with that dreaded left-to-right slice off of the tee. If so, this video tip from PGA Professional Erika Larken is just for you.

In this tip, Erika explains in this MAVRIK MOMENTS tip from Callaway Golf how the “L to L” swing squares your clubface and fixes your slice.

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Erika Larkin: “If you’re a slicer, you’re probably losing major distance and losing major golf balls all around the course, so let’s fix it. Likely your clubface is wide open at impact in your probably holding on with that club handle in front of the clubhead both of these things are a no-no. What we want to do is release the face to hit it straight, so this is what I want you to do. Take your grip and then relax your wrist so they can freely move around. Then swing halfway back to halfway through from L to L very simple positions you can create by letting your wrist hinge. Right?  And then up again. This is the key point though. Through impact, a lot of you don’t ever hit that second L You chicken wing and bailout and hold on to that clubface. We have to create some speed and closure through impact to square up the face. So when you put it all together and make that bigger. It’s going to really help you find some more fairways. Let’s do it “L to L.” Slice be gone.”