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Fore All – Michelle Money & Jen Clyde – Co-Founders – Podcast #371

Fore All

On episode #371 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast, we chat with the Co-Founders of Fore All, Michelle Money and Jen Clyde. Michelle and Jen takes us through how they started the Fore All clothing brand, Michelle’s connection to the game of golf and much more. Women’s golf is growing tremendously and Michelle and Jen started to see their successes when they began hosting events. After their successes with events, Michelle and Jen then expanded into the women’s apparel game, eventually leading to Fore All.

As their community grew, Jen and Michelle then partnered with the Worldwide Golf Shops team to take Fore All to the next level. Today, Fore All is now launching on the and available in select Worldwide Golf Shops retail locations.

Take a listen to our interview with Jen and Michelle here to learn everything you need to know about the new Fore All line. To find a store location near you to check out the latest gear from Fore All, click here!

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