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How to Travel With Golf Clubs

Three travel accessories that will help you learn how to travel with golf clubs.

There are countless beautiful golf courses all over the world. Some of the best memories one can make as a golfer include traveling to play at a beautiful course that their favorite golfers have played on tour, or simply a gorgeous course that is unlike any they have at home. As a result, it is important to know how to travel with golf clubs, ensuring that you can still play your best game no matter where you golf.

In this quick guide, we are going to go over the following tips for traveling with golf clubs:

  • Check airline policy
  • Label your clubs
  • Choose the right bag
  • Pack wisely
  • Ship direct for long stays
Check Airline Policy Check online or over the phone to ensure the airline you are flying with allows golf clubs as checked baggage.
Label Your Clubs Get ID tags to label your clubs in case they get lost or sent to the wrong place. Optionally, use a remote tracking device to keep track of them.
Choose the Right Bag Select a bag that properly protects your clubs, even if airport staff aren’t kind to it.
Pack Wisely Pack your clubs strategically to minimize the risk of damage.
Ship Direct for Long Stays If you’re staying longer than a week, getting the clubs shipped directly to your stay may sometimes be worthwhile.

Let’s dive into each, and figure out the best way to travel with your golf clubs.

Check Airline Policy

You first need to check your airline’s luggage policy and see if they will allow you to bring your clubs. Most airlines will allow golf clubs as checked luggage, but it is best to check things like weight guidelines ahead of time to ensure you won’t run into problems the day you’re trying to travel. Call the airline to check with a staff member if you have trouble finding anything online. 

Label Your Clubs

Get some ID tags to label your clubs with your name and contact information in case they get lost or sent to the wrong airline. This is vital to ensure that you can easily claim the clubs from the airline without any confusion or skepticism on their part about whether they are yours. It is also useful to stow a hidden ID card somewhere inside the bag, just in case somebody at the airport tries to take your clubs at baggage claim and remove the visible ID tag from the bag.

Optionally, you can get a tracking device, like an Apple Airtag, and pack it with the clubs so that you know exactly where the clubs are if they do get lost. This not only helps you, but it can also help the airline find them for you and get them sent to the right place.

Choose the Right Bag

There are two types of golf travel bags/covers: Soft-sided and hard-sided. A soft-sided bag is probably fine but is not guaranteed to protect your clubs 100%. If you want to be extra careful, a hard-sided golf travel cover will be your best bet. While they can cost a bit more than a regular suitcase, they cost less than a new driver. The other plus-side of a hard-sided cover is that you can pretty much just put your golf bag in as-is without too much hassle.

Pack Wisely

The bag isn’t the only aspect of packing that matters, the way you pack your clubs matters, too. To avoid scuffing and scratching, keep your head covers on your clubs, and consider wrapping the clubs you don’t have head covers for in your golf towel. This will account for the damage that can come from the clubs colliding with one another, even if the bag itself is well-handled during transit.

Ship Direct for Long Stays

If you will be staying at your destination longer than 7-10 days, it may make more sense to ship your clubs to your destination. This is especially true if you have a layover or two, and a direct shipment will have less risk of getting lost in transit. Additionally, most shipping companies will have better packing material for the clubs than a simple travel case.

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