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Improve Weaknesses With Golf Strong

GolfStrong_LaydownShotGolfers can talk about the latest and greatest in clubs and balls all they want, but the fact is, their bodies are perhaps the most important piece of equipment they have. And the best way to enhance on-course performances is to augment their latest gear purchases with sport-specific fitness regimens – such as the Golf Strong program from SKLZ.

Golf Strong is a six-week program that utilizes DVD videos featuring rising pro Tony Finau, who captured his first PGA Tour event at last month’s Puerto Rico Open, and Anna Nordqvist, who has won five times on the LPGA Tour, as well as several training products from SKLZ. “The idea is to give golfers an affordable and effective way to build the strength and flexibility they need to add measurable distance and accuracy, and to do so from their own home,” says Cynthia Roth, the director of programs and performance marketing for SKLZ.

According to Roth, the Golf Strong program comprises two training phases, each of which lasts three weeks. “The distance training sessions with Tony and Anna include bilateral strength movements to train the entire body and emphasize core strength, while the accuracy sessions include unilateral strength movement to challenge your stability and eventually improve it,” she adds. “As for the flexibility sessions, they emphasize the mobility of the entire body and call for soft tissue work to help golfers activate the key muscles they need and help prevent the most common aches and pains that they experience.”

In addition to Finau and Nordqvist, the Golf Strong training team includes Graeme Lauriston, the director of physical therapy for professional and elite sports at EXOS, and that company’s founder and president, Mark Verstegen.

Golf Strong

What’s New?

A six-week, golf-specific training program from Carlsbad, Calif.-based SKLZ with a total cost of $164.99, which includes a DVD as well as a variety of SKLZ training products

Who’s It For?

Players interested in improving their distance, flexibility and accuracy – and by extension their overall on-course performance

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post