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Jose Miraflor Podcast #324 – Cobra RAD Speed

Worldwide Golf Shops INSIDER PODCAST #324! In this installment, we chat with the Vice President of Marketing for Cobra Golf, Jose Miraflor! Jose talks Cobra Golf’s NEW Rad Speed Family of Drivers, Fariways, Hybrids, and Irons! Enjoy this INSIDER Podcast


COBRA RAD Speed Driver features a compact shape (460cc) and forward-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING with front to back adjustability to deliver the fastest ball speeds, lowest spin, and the most workability of the three models.

The RADSPEED driver frame features 28g positioned as forward as possible (16g of fixed weight and a 12g adjustable weight) to deliver ultra low spin and our fastest ball speeds. An additional 10 grams of weight positioned in the back (8g of fixed weight and a 2g adjustable weight) creates the perfect balance of front and back weighting for RAD speed & forgiveness.

The Carbon Wrap Crown system features a new carbon fiber material that is 30% thinner which creates another 6 grams of discretionary weight that can be repositioned to optimize performance.

A refined T-Bar Speed Chassis design is 7 grams lighter, giving us even more discretionary weight to position more mass forward within the frame to decrease spin and increase ball speed.


An infinity edge face design expands the milled area by 95%, increasing the zone of maximum ball speed.


The RADSPEED irons represent a significant leap forward in golf innovation. A breakthrough in weighting technology is combined with the first application of 3D printing in golf club design, setting the bar for performance and technology higher than ever before.


10g and 3g of mass is positioned on the toe and heel extremities to create the best combination of speed, low spin and stability for optimized performance.


A 10g weight positioned low and in the toe area centers the CG and adds stability for more distance and forgiveness on off-center hits.


A forged face insert is made of a thin 17-4 stainless steel, and is designed to increase flex in and around the Sweet Spot for faster ball speed and higher launch.


3D printing offers unlimited complexity in design, allowing us to produce an intricate lattice medallion structure that saves weight and fine-tunes feel.

Thank you for listening to PODCAST #324! You can Shop Cobra Rad Speed at

Podcast Transcript

Tom Brassell

Welcome to the worldwide golf Shops insider podcast. Episode 324. Hello everyone, this is Tom Brassell. Thanks so much for joining us. Happy New year. Glad that you are with us. We made it to 2021. We’re excited about this year and we’re excited about you joining us. So if you’re a first time listener, longtime subscriber, or maybe you’re kind of in the middle, doesn’t matter. We’re just glad that you joined us, especially so today. Always great to catch up with our friend Jose Miraflor at Cobra Puma Golf, Jose. Thanks man. It’s been awhile since we be able to get together in person. Thanks for hooking up on the phone.

Jose Milaflor

Pleasure to be here and you’re right, it’s been way too long since we chatted and kind of shoot the breeze together. I love it.

Tom Brassell

Hey, for our listening audience out there that may not have heard in awhile. Share with us a little bit about your background before we kick everything off with Cobra about your life in the in the game of golf. ’cause it’s been, it’s been a few decades.

Jose Milaflor

Yeah, I’ve been in golf since wow, 1995. I think I took my first Assistant Pro jobs here in San Diego and was Assistant Pro in the Youth Program. The PJ program for three years before I left in 97. Worked for Acushnet Golf. Cut my teeth there ’cause you know custom clubs and then actually help TaylorMade in 2000. Open up their custom club Department and then eventually work my way into product marketing with TaylorMade in charge of irons, putters and wedges. On the creation side and then Left for a little while did some grip stuff with blank in an When grips and really got back to TaylorMade and did accessories for a few years they’re doing, you know, gloves, bags, training, aids all that. Type of stuff and over the last nine years, just celebrated nine years in October with Cobra Puma Golf and now at CPG. I’m head of the marketing group as well as the architecture person. So product creation for the Cobra side. So a lot of fun stuff going on. Golf is really killing it right now. It’s a really fun job to have.

Tom Brassell

Well, we’re on the front porch knocking on the door of something that’s really exciting with you guys. Rad speed from Cobra talk about how all this came about. Jose, because this is pretty interesting stuff.

Jose Milaflor

Well, you know it, there’s this. The formula that our innovation team is pretty darn good now. They’re charged with being five years ahead and creating stuff that nobody’s ever thought oven. You know, they get the job of breaking stuff on the way to making something super cool. An one of the engineers. Who’s been the guy who’s helped us with aerodynamics? The guy who’s helped us with all kinds ofˇofˇtechnologies. He worked on this formula. The ability to move weight away from the center of the club and position it as far away as possible. Whether it’s just wait or a technology, your positioning weight in the head and this is what we’ve been doing in golf for years, right? Whether it’s a heel toe weighted putter to the cavity? Back iron to the 1st Steel hollow metal wood. We’re getting, we’ve gotten better and better at it over the years. But this year what he showed us was if you can push weight all the way to the front of the driver, you’re going to drive speed up in a great way. And we’ve seen drivers do that. But they’re not very forgiving, right? So he said, well, what you need to do is free up enough weight where you can have weight in the back. As well, at the same time, and now you’re driving up speed without sacrificing forgiveness. Or if you put more weight in the back, you can drive up forgiveness and make this super stable Golf Club, but not have it spin so much by having some weight in the front. So that’s why trad speed is all about managing technologies or wait to be pushed as far forward and back at the same time, and it’s allowed us to create three different drivers in a couple great irons that are performingˇreally well.ˇ

Tom Brassell

So that’s interesting. Pushing it forward to giving your distance back for forgiveness, right? Do I have that right? You do? Well, take us through the three differentˇdriversˇkind of dive into those a little bit.

Jose Milaflorˇ

Yeah, so I know a few of you out there have probably tried an F9 or speedzone driver so you know the first one. It’s made through the likes of Stronger golfers like Ricky, Bryson, bunch of you guys out there that have a lot of speed you want to manage your spin. You want to keep your trajectory down and you like being able to work the golf ball. What we’ve done this year is made sure there’s weight in the back, so even if the top players in the world misses slightly off-center, the ball holds its line. The ball keeps its speed and you have a better missed it. So that’s what rad speed is. Last year we introduced a speed zone extreme driver which took the world by storm because it truly was. Probably the most forgiving driver that people had seen in golf in a long time. Super stable means when you miss it off-center you keep your speed to keep your direction right and we improved on that this year by making a rad speed XD excuse me XB as in boy for back weighted driver and it makes it super stable and this year it features a lot less spin so somebody doesn’t have to give up Some distance because it’s spinning too muchˇformˇthey don’t have to loft it too low and have a low launch. You can keep a high launch with the low spin and with the Speed, which is really great and the third driver, which is new for us. We haven’t done this in this King level line before. We’ve created a rad speed XDD for draw. So we put a bunch of weight in the back. And it’s a bunch of weight in the heel while keeping some weight up front. And now we can help a lot of golfers out there who are still trying to Correct the slice, take a fade and reduce it to a straight shot. Or maybe even create your first draw ever and this one’s been testing off the charts well for us.

Tom Brassell

Well, you mentioned Ricky and you mentioned Lexi and then you just said the word testing, so I want to put all those together. What kind of feedback did you get from your tour staff on these?

Jose Milaflor

Well, the first person to see it was written. I actually, you know, we let Ricky see stuff really early. I’ve visited with him via Internet last april and we talked about the driver he helped us with the looks and all that stuff. He got to hit it for the first time in October and the first thing he said is I can’t tell you how good it sounds. the heavy hit is very important for him. Feedback and sound. Super important and then he has a couple shots that he needs to be able to hit. You know his slightly inside the heel which is you know 275 fairway Finder. He can hit it anytime, anywhere to small peel then hit it in the center to slightly a little bit on the toe and hits. A little soft draw and that’s a big one. He can hit some 300 plus drives with that. So he hits those. and from what I’m hearing from him, the Feedback’s been outstanding.

Jose Milaflorˇ

I got to spend a large amount of time with Bryson and Lexie in October at our giant photoshoot and Lexie, you know they all played the rad speed and Lexie took hers out for the first time. We filmed it. She was heading into the Wind, appealed to append. That was about 295 and she had a bunch of shots Into the fairway. Into the Greenside bunker and she that’s a lot straighter than I thought it would be on a couple of permits, and she said I like the way it flies. It’s very flat and I love the way I can make just the soft draw and not have to fight it. Turning left too hard for me and so she was really impressed by it. Bryson did a different thing right? Bryson took his shaft out of his gamer and put him into all three heads.

Jose Milaflor

Get ’em all for us and proceeded to just put on a show. He hit one with a stock driver. It was blocked it down from 9 degrees all the way to 7 and a half one 381 to append about 10 feet from the pin when we were cleaning up the golf balls, it was sitting there on the green and that wasˇpretty incredible. Now you guys know that Bryson carries a lot of speed, so weˇhave toˇmake him aˇaˇtour prototype. It’s a 5 degree driver. Still all the same things that rad speed is. Wait in the front. Weights in the back but just lower loss and he locks it down about four degrees.

Jose Milaflor

And he’s been having some huge low spin and speed games with it because I think everybody saw last year he hits the ball along way she hits that driver. The speeds onˇreally highˇbecause there’s a lot of spinning. Yeah, 200 mph. You gottaˇmanage that stuff really well, so we their engineers worked with them on Base curvatures and things like that bulge and roll, and he’s been really excited about putting this driver to play. It’s not yet in play ’cause I know you’re going to ask is it in play this week? There is one more prototype on the way with the tinkering we’ve been doing so we hope to have this in play by the end of the month. With him when he gets back before he goes to his trips across seas and things like that.

Tom Brassell

Hopefully before I let you go you also have fairways, hybrids, irons. How about just a little bit on those?

Jose Milaflor

Yeah, you know we continue with the rad speed technology into the fairways and hybrids, and that’s important because You know there’s a new trend for fairways people are wanting to take their three wood and hit it as far as possible. They want more driver like. Conditions with the three wood so that it rolls out. ’cause, let’s face it, a lot of people use 3 words to keep it moving down the fairway as well as off the tee. So this new rad speed weight in the front is helped nearly. You know, reduce the spin and kept pick up on speed and that’s working out well. The five Woods are still made to fly high and land stop because you’re going to use those to land back greens and attack Long Park wars or You know, shorter. Part 5 that you can get to and so we designed those as such hybrids. Same thing a couple weights up front more than normal has helped the hybrids reduce spin, and we were showing in our testing another 5 yards with still good descending angles of fall of the golf ball so they stop on the greens and then the irons. Probably the one thing that I urge everybody out there listening to try this year is the Rad Speed iron and I’ll tell you why.It’s got more technologies and game improvement iron than most people will get in like forgings or any other higher priced iron this year. We have a new screw system in that oh and normally you only see that in clubs that are above $1000 but the screw systems help us build the most perfect club. Um, settle for you know, a range of swing weights that don’t aren’t perfect. We were able to make you the most perfect stock iron, so that’s really cool to have as well as our first ever 3D printed medallion and 3D printing. We debuted in a prototype cutter. I think you guys saw us November. It’s a new way to make things structures or lattice? And it saves you wait, and in thisˇcaseˇit makes an iron that’s made for distance and game improvement. Sound softer, helps damp those vibrations, and then finally the face of these irons. The 7 iron through the four iron feature this PowerShell face. It not only gives you more speed because you know everybody can strengthen. Lots of irons. Ours are not the strongest and Locked in the market, but they do have a lot of speed and they still carry a lot of launch because of this PowerShell lower level of it is welded underneath the sole so it allows that face to flex on the lower part and act like A catapult that you will to catapult the ball upward and help you get. Keep your launch conditions even though you’re trying to gain distance with just ball speed, right? And that’sˇthat’sˇsuper important. It’s a great iron. We finish it with Chrome and you know, not a lot of irons are Chrome plated these days because people are trying to save some dough But we feel like these aren’t gonna be in your bag for four years. Why not have it be good looking at the sameˇtimeˇso you know a lot of effort and we offer him both the variable and the one leg of setup. For those of you haven’t tried one length, maybe you should. If you’re struggling with this game we all love. It’s probably like when we do our surveys about satisfaction, So what people have switched to one length and we’re selling about 34% ratio. 221 link to variable length. They seem to be theˇmost happiestˇis they found an easier way to play. So maybe a New Year’s resolution for all of us is finding the way to play, and if one link is that, give it a shot. I know a lot of stores are carrying it And you know, it’s really easy to figure out if you take a 5 iron and you hit it the same distance as your fire, Brian, or maybe even more consistently, you may have found something right? it’s that simple.

Tom Brassell

That’s awesome, well, it’s the rad speed line from Cobra as we speak. We’re right in the presale time, but you can have in your bags at the end of the month. Jose, how about? Some final words for our listeners from you out West.

Jose Milaflor

Guys Golf is winning and for all you listeners out there you get it. We all love golf. Keep playing it. Keep loving this game and invite others to do this thing because I think golf is back onto a growth for all of us. Have been playing all these years. Golf is winning and cobras here to support you.

Tom Brassell

How’s that? Thanks so much. Great catching up with you my friend. Thank you. It’s Cobra rad speed. And as Jose said you want to give this a shot. Go to any retail location worldwide golf shops. Any of the brands and give these a shot. You can have them in your bag. The end of this month end of January. As always, don’t just pick him up. Put him in your bag, take some time, invest some time and get fit for these great new clubs from Cobra Golf. Well, special thanks to Jose for joining us and to you, our listeners, and we’ll do it again next time we have another episode of the worldwide golf Shops Insider podcast here at So long everyone.