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Odyssey Golf – Ai One Putters – Luke Williams

Dive Into the Latest Odyssey Putter Innovations on the Worldwide Golf Insider Podcast

In the most recent episode (#397) of the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast, Tom Brassell, the voice of Worldwide Golf, sits down with Luke Williams, Senior Director of Product and Brand Management for Putters at Callaway Golf. The discussion centers around the groundbreaking advancements in the Odyssey line, especially spotlighting the revolutionary Ai One putters.

Unveiling the Ai One Putters

Luke Williams delves deep into the latest Odyssey line, sharing insights about the Ai One putters, which stand at the forefront of golf technology. This new addition to the Odyssey family integrates cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring unparalleled precision and performance. Luke provides an exciting walkthrough of the unique features and the advanced materials used in these putters, explaining how they can transform a golfer’s game.

Tour-Level Insights and Adoption

A significant part of the conversation highlights the feedback received from the professional tours. Luke notes that the AI One putters have been met with enthusiastic responses from tour professionals, who are adopting these new models more rapidly than any previous line. He shares specific anecdotes and player testimonials that underscore the impact and immediate benefits these putters are bringing to the game at the highest levels.

The Importance of Custom Fitting

Towards the end of the podcast, the focus shifts to the critical aspect of custom fitting. Luke emphasizes that to fully benefit from the sophisticated design and technology of the Odyssey putters, especially the Ai One, getting a custom fit is crucial. He explains that a putter that is tailored to a golfer’s specific style and physique can significantly enhance performance and consistency on the greens.

Get Fitted Today!

Listeners are encouraged to experience the difference a custom-fitted putter can make by visiting a Worldwide Golf Retail Location. For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, all the details and options for getting a custom-fitted Odyssey putter are available at

Don’t miss out on the full episode to hear all the insights directly from the experts. Tune into the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast, episode #397, to learn more about how Odyssey is shaping the future of putting and how you can elevate your game with their latest innovations.