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Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

According to the folks at Odyssey, and likely no surprise to anyone who has struggled with their putting at some point, most putting strokes are inconsistent. This could partially explain why some days you feel like you can’t miss while other days you feel like you can’t even sniff the hole. In doing their research, Odyssey also discovered that nearly all putter technologies focus on a combination of helping with alignment and the roll of the ball off the putter face, but not with the actual stroke itself, which is why Odyssey proudly introduces a new approach to putters that only they have – the Odyssey Stroke Lab.

Through extensive research and innovation, Odyssey created a putter that’s designed to help a player’s stroke, specifically in the areas of backswing length, face angle at impact, head speed through impact, and tempo.

And it all starts with the shaft. We typically spend very little, if any, time thinking about the shaft of a putter, unlike with the other clubs in our bag like a driver or iron. But Odyssey did spend time thinking about the putter shaft and has created a breakthrough change in its weight distribution.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

With an innovative new multi-material design, which combines both graphite and steel, they’ve developed a shaft that weighs just 75 grams, nearly 40 full grams less than a traditional steel-putter shaft. The weighting of the shaft is concentrated mainly in the tip which in turn promotes a smoother motion in the stroke.

Odyssey Stoke Lab 2-BallOdyssey then redistributes the weight that’s saved from the shaft and places it in the sole of the club with two weighted inserts, as well as adding a 30-gram insert to the grip end of the shaft for a counterbalance feel.

Odyssey also brings back their legendary White Hot insert, this time paired with their innovative Microhinge technology which is designed to promote immediate forward roll off the putter face, thus avoiding the dreaded skidding that leads to a loss of distance control and accuracy. The Microhinge technology does a superior job rolling the rock, whether on those tricky four-foot par-saving putts or a long, lag putt.

With ten iconic head shapes available in the Odyssey Stroke Lab lineup – six mallets and four blades – Odyssey hits us with a lineup of putters designed for anyone seeking to improve and make more putts.