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Traveling with your golf clubs doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience

Traveling to play golf can be a particularly enjoyable way to experience all the game has to offer. And experienced golf travelers will tell you there are a handful of key tips that can ensure your trip goes smoothly. 

For golfers, jumping on a bird for a weekend buddies getaway to Bandon Dunes or any number of other top golf destinations usually means hauling your sticks along and trusting baggage handlers to treat them gently. 

If that thought makes you as nervous as standing over a downhill double-breaker to save par, Worldwide Golf Shops offers a vast selection of top travel covers to keep your clubs safe and make your trip a success. Here are four to consider… 

CLUB GLOVE – As the name implies, the Last Bag Collegiate from Club Glove is intended to be the last travel cover you’ll ever have to buy. Made with thick cordura material and straps similar in construction to seat belts, it also comes with a telescopic metal rod called stiff arm that adds an extra layer of protection for the longest club in the bag, your driver. Getting through airports is made easier by the company’s train reaction system, which allows you to connect the travel bag with other pieces of luggage and wheel multiple bags with one hand. SHOP HERE

BAG BOY – You’ll always find affordable quality travel covers from Bag Boy, such as the T-750 and the T-2000 models. A favorite feature of the latter is its swivel handle, which makes transporting heavy clubs in crowded areas significantly easier. The company also offers models that are some of the most compact in the industry and thus great for limiting the amount of storage space needed. SHOP HERE

DATREK – Made by the same company that produces Bag Boy and a number of other travel products outside the golf world, Datrek offers the DG-250, a soft-sided, wheeled travel cover that’s ideal for budget-conscious travelers wanting to bring their own clubs rather than rent at their destination. SHOP HERE. 

SAMSONITE – Long trusted by travelers for its quality luggage, Samsonite makes terrific options for golfers as well. The company offers one of the most popular hard-sided travel covers, which are attractive to those who want to take protection of their clubs up a notch. One thing to keep in mind with hard cases from all brands is that, when empty, they don’t fold up to a compact size like soft-sided covers, so they’ll take up a little more room in the trunk of a rental car. SHOP HERE.