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PING G430 LST Fairway Wood: Power and Workability

The PING G430 LST fairway wood

The PING G430 fairway wood line has already become as beloved as the rest of the PING G430 products (driver and irons), and it has sold well as a result. So, why create another? According to PING, they saw one piece missing from their fairway wood line for golfers looking for the lowest, most aggressive ball path possible. For players looking to extract every yard of distance possible out of their woods, they designed the PING G430 LST fairway wood.

In this review, we will explain exactly what makes the LST different from the existing PING G430 fairway woods and what golfers will benefit most from them. Let’s start by outlining its features compared to the other G430 woods:

G430 MAX Steel face wrap to increase flexing to generate more ball speed and higher launch, More weight positioned low to create more launch, Widest range of lofts available, Available in HL configuration for golfers with slower swing speeds
G430 SFT Same steel face wrap as the MAX, More weight toward the heel to help correct off-center shots or slices/hooks, Also available in HL configuration for golfers with slower swing speeds
G430 LST All-titanium face construction to decrease weight and increase swing speed, Weight positioned low and forward to decrease spin and create a lower ball path/more distance

Now, let’s dive further into the specifics of the G430 LST.

PING G430 LST Fairway Wood Features

We outlined the basic differences that the ST brings to the lineup above, but let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what they mean practically.

All-Titanium Face

The difference between the LST titanium face and the MAX/SFT steel face is weight. By using a lighter material, PING was able to save more weight for strategic placement, which is what allowed them to put more in the 80g tungsten sole plate to influence ball flight. They still leverage a forged face, though, which ensures that weight reduction won’t reduce the forgiveness and flex of the face material.

Tungsten Sole Plate

Speaking of the tungsten sole plate, let’s discuss what it means for you, the golfer. By moving the weight low and forward (toward the face), ball spin is reduced, which makes the ball path lower and allows the ball to carry farther. This also ensures that forward momentum isn’t diluted as much by height, allowing the ball to roll more after it lands. For fairway wood shots, this means more overall distance and a higher chance of landing close to the green.

Who Should Buy the PING G430 LST Fairway Wood?

The LST is designed for golfers that prioritize distance over forgiveness and don’t have any trouble consistently getting the ball in the air. For golfers with less consistent wood shots, the LST may not be forgiving enough or provide a high enough launch. For experienced golfers with more consistent swings, though, the LST will ensure that no distance is left on the table.

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