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Sqairz Golf Shoes – Sir Nick Faldo – Episode #387

On episode #387 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast, we chat with Professional Golfer, former TV Analyst, and World Golf Hall of Fame member Sir Nick Faldo about Sqairz Golf Shoes. In this episode, Nick begins by talking about the recent Ryder Cup and his predictions out in Rome as well as the recent loss of Ivor Robson, the voice behind the first tee of the Open Championship. Not only does Nick give us a brief look into the golf world but he gives us some insights into how he got his start in the game of golf. After a deep dive into the golf world, Nick takes us through his relationship with Sqairz and how he got his start as a spokesman. It initially started with Nick dealing with pain while playing and he eventually built a relationship with the Sqairz team. After they sent him a couple pairs to try out, the rest is history! Sqairz shoes are built to improve balance and stability for the golfer to promote consistency, extra distance, and much more. Take a listen to our interview with Justin here. Click here to see the latest footwear from Sqairz! Want to see more content? Here is more from the Worldwide Golf Shops Family! YouTube Channel – Click Here Insider Homepage – Click Here Products and Brands – Click Here What’s in the Bag – Click Here Play Better Golf – Click Here Lifestyle & Travel – Click Here WGS Insider – Click Here Podcasts – Click Here