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Stay Cool on the Golf Course: Essential Tips and Top Products

Playing golf on a hot summer day can be both enjoyable and challenging. Keeping cool on the golf course is crucial for maintaining performance and health. Here’s why staying cool is important and a look at top products from Worldwide Golf that can help you beat the heat.

Why Staying Cool is Crucial

Excessive heat can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heatstroke, all of which can severely impact your game and health. Staying cool helps maintain focus, energy levels, and overall performance. 

Here are a few key strategies to keep cool on the course:

Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout your round.

Wear Cooling Accessories: Utilize cooling towels and other accessories designed to keep your body temperature down.

Use an Umbrella: Protect yourself from direct sunlight with a high-quality golf umbrella.

Top Products to Keep Cool

Worldwide Golf offers a range of products to help you stay cool and comfortable on the golf course. While hats play a crucial role in shielding you from the sun, here are some top picks in water bottles, cooling accessories, and umbrellas to keep you refreshed on the course:

Water Bottles

Hydro Flask 24 oz. Standard Mouth Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask 24-Ounce Standard Mouth Water Bottle is a reliable companion for staying hydrated. It features special insulation that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, ensuring you have refreshing water throughout your game. This bottle is made with durable stainless steel, offering a pure taste with no flavor transfer. It also boasts a leakproof lid, a cap that maximizes temperature retention, and a sweat-free, durable coating, which means your bottle stays dry and easy to handle. Additionally, it is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it convenient and safe to use.

Hydro Flask 40 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle

For those longer adventures, the Hydro Flask 40-Ounce Wide Mouth Bottle is ideal. It features the same high-quality insulation as its smaller counterpart, ensuring your drink stays cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The wide mouth design fits most backcountry hydration filters, making it versatile for various activities. The bottle is also made with durable stainless steel, ensuring durability, and a slip-free and colorful coating keeps it easy to hold and looking great. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and is compatible with different lids.

Cooling Accessories

ProActive Sports Sub-Zero 2.0 Cooling Towel

Use the ProActive Sports Sub-Zero 2.0 Cooling Towel to help you stay cool on the golf course. The towel cools instantly when wet and can reduce temperatures by up to 15 degrees, providing immediate relief. Made from ultra-breathable fabric, it stays soft to the touch even when dry and is machine washable for easy maintenance. Highly absorbent, the towel is great for active sports such as golf and cools via evaporation. It comes with a reusable storage container with a carabineer clip lid, allowing you to keep your wet towel close by without drenching your bag.


ProActive Sports SunTek Umbrella

ProActive Sports designed the SunTek Umbrella for all weather conditions. Its reflective silver coating provides UV protection, blocking 90 percent of harmful rays and helping you stay cool and protected from the sun. Wind and weather-resistant, it features a two-layer canopy with a special vent system that prevents it from flipping inside out during high winds. Made with a durable fiberglass shaft and ribs, it is lightweight and easy to handle. It also features an extra-large canopy to provide enough coverage for two people.

Sun Mountain Automatic Umbrella

Sun Mountain’s Automatic Umbrella is a versatile option for protection against the sun and rain. Its double-canopy construction and windproof spring make it both sturdy and easy to use. UPF-rated 60+, the umbrella offers excellent sun protection. An ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for both left and right-handed users, and it fits in most golf cart umbrella holders. Standing at 37 inches tall with a 62-inch spread, the umbrella helps you stay cool during warm summer days on the course.

Final Thoughts on Staying Cool

Staying cool on the golf course is essential for both your performance and well-being. By staying hydrated with a high-quality water bottle, using cooling accessories, and protecting yourself from the sun with an umbrella, you can enjoy your game even on the hottest days.

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