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Titleist 718 & 818 – Distance Irons & Hybrids – Steve Pelisek

President of Titleist Golf, Steve Pelisek, joins us for episode #249 of the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast to introduce the new Titleist 818 line of hybrids and the distance iron side of the new 718 line in the 718 T-MB, 718 AP1, and 718 AP3.

In the second part of this episode, we discuss the 818 H1 and H2 hybrids, the 718 T-MB, 718 AP1 and 718 AP3 irons, the different shapes and looks of the hybrids, how these clubs can benefit your game, what players are using on tour, how Titleist puts a new spin on these scoring clubs, and how who can benefit most from the new 818 line.

Take a listen to our podcast and visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to try out the 718 & 818 lines from Titleist.