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Titleist Golf – Steve Pelisek – Episode #394

Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Worldwide Golf Insider podcast! In episode #394, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Pelisek, the President of Golf Clubs at Titleist. Known for his legacy knowledge in the golf industry and deep insights and passion for golf equipment innovation, Steve gave us an exclusive look at Titleist’s newest releases, including the TSR Woods, T Series Irons, SM10 Wedges, Scotty Cameron Putters, and what goes behind every line.

Discovering the Titleist TSR Woods

Steve started the conversation by diving into the details of the latest TSR Woods. With a focus on improved aerodynamics and face technology, these woods are designed to enhance speed and provide greater consistency. Steve highlighted how every element has been meticulously engineered to help golfers find more fairways and achieve longer distances.

The Precision of T Series Irons

Next up, the T Series Irons. Steve explained that these irons are built for players of every skill level, offering a blend of precision, power, and feel. He walked us through the improvements from previous models, emphasizing the series’ ability to deliver improved launch conditions and more forgiving shots, which can be game-changing for many golfers.

Innovations in SM10 Wedges

The discussion on the SM10 Wedges was particularly exciting. Steve talked about the new groove design and configurations that provide better control and spin, tailored for various playing conditions. These wedges aim to give golfers an edge in their short game, allowing for more creativity and confidence around the greens.

The Art of Scotty Cameron Putters

No conversation about Titleist’s advancements would be complete without mentioning the iconic Scotty Cameron Putters. Steve shared insights into the craftsmanship behind these putters and how they offer superior feel and stability, which can help golfers of all levels improve their putting statistics.

Importance of Custom Fitting

One of the key points stressed during our podcast was the importance of getting custom-fitted for your golf clubs, especially with such sophisticated equipment. Steve and Tom Brassell, our host, discussed how custom fitting can significantly impact a golfer’s performance by ensuring that the clubs are tailored to individual swing characteristics and preferences.

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Steve’s passion for golf and commitment to innovation shone through in this engaging episode. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the latest gear from Titleist, as discussed in our podcast, promises to enhance your play and enjoyment of the game.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your game or just keen on the latest golf tech, this episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights. Thanks for reading, and see you on the green!