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Titleist Offers More Than Just Pro V1


Golfers sometimes forget there is more to Titleist golf balls than the Pro V1 line. But the release this winter of new iterations of its NXT Tour, NXT Tour S and Velocity lines demonstrates the breadth of its offerings in that realm.

The latest version of NXT Tour utilizes a larger center dual core that is made to provide lower spin and faster ball speed for greater distance throughout the bag, while a spherically tiled, 302-octahedral dimple design features shallower edge angles to impart a higher ball flight and a deep downrange peak trajectory. In addition, a Fusablend cover has been incorporated in this product to promote superior shot-stopping control around the green.

Tour(S)-418452Titleist technicians say that NXT Tour S possesses similar distance attributes but with an even softer feel, hence the letter “S.” To achieve that, they reformulated a softer compression core and combined it with a softer Fusablend cover.

Then there is Velocity, which has been re-engineered with what those same technicians describe as the ball’s largest and fastest core ever, in an effort to deliver greater ball speeds for more distance on full-swing shots. At the same time, the low-spin constriction and aerodynamics of Velocity are intended to produce a more soaring trajectory, as a thinner NAZ2 cover also offers improved feel for short-game play.

NXT Tour is available in white only, while NXT Tour S comes in white and optic yellow. As for Velocity, it boasts both single (Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4) and double-digit play numbers (Nos. 00, 22, 77 and 99).

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post