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Embrace the Summer: Walk the Golf Course with Push-Pull Carts from Worldwide Golf

Summer is the perfect time to bask in the sun, enjoy the outdoors, and hit the golf course. For golfers who love to walk the course but dread carrying their clubs, push-pull carts offer a convenient solution. Walking the course not only provides excellent exercise but also allows players to fully appreciate the beauty of the game. At Worldwide Golf, there is a fantastic selection of push-pull carts designed to enhance the golfing experience.

The Benefits of Walking the Golf Course

Walking the golf course brings numerous physical and mental health benefits. It increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, and improves endurance. Walking also allows golfers to enjoy the scenery, socialize with fellow players, and immerse themselves in the game.

Why Use a Push-Pull Cart?

Push-pull carts are designed to make walking the course effortless as they reduce the strain on the back and shoulders. Modern push-pull carts are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and come with various features to enhance convenience and comfort.

Here are four top models available at Worldwide Golf that golfers should consider:

Sun Mountain Pathfinder PX4 Push Cart

The Sun Mountain Pathfinder PX4 Push Cart, a 2019 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for 4-Wheel Push Carts, offers a practical and functional design that folds to a small size in two simple steps. It features new upper and lower bag brackets that secure your bag in the cart, suitable for both cart and stand bags. The accessory console is designed to hold a cell phone, scorecard, extra balls, and tees, with a slot that allows a charging plug to be used while the phone is in place. For additional storage, the cart includes a mesh basket and a velour-lined pouch for electronics and valuables. Adjustable bungee cords on the upper and lower bag brackets ensure the bag stays secure. The cart also includes a standard-size drink holder.

Proactive Sports Fairway Flyer 603 Pull Cart

Combining strength, lightweight design, and practical features, the Proactive Sports Fairway Flyer 603 Pull Cart is an excellent choice. It features an interlocking double strut system for added strength and a five-way adjustable handle for customized comfort. The cart includes a water bottle holder and a weatherproof scorecard holder that stores balls, tees, and a pencil. Its push-button quick release nylon bushing wheels ensure easy handling, while the 9.5″ wide rubber tires with traction tread provide stability on various terrains. Constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, it weighs only 7 pounds and has a compact fold-up design for easy storage.

Bag Boy Slimfold Push Cart

A marvel of compact design and functionality, the Bag Boy Slimfold Push Cart is designed to be incredibly portable. It boasts an easy two-step open and close mechanism for quick setup and storage. The cart also features Top-Lok® technology to securely attach your bag, and a full-featured scorecard console with golf ball storage and a beverage and cellphone holder. Additionally, an extra-large accessory bag is positioned underneath the scorecard console for added convenience. The handle-mounted parking brake enhances safety, and the cart, weighing 15 pounds, is easy to transport.

Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart

Renowned for its durability and innovative design, the Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart includes a silicone bag strap system and adjustable upper and lower saddles for a secure fit. The cart folds down to a compact size, making it easy to store and transport. It features a front-wheel engaged hand brake for control and independent handle bar adjustments for customized use. The large console provides ample storage for a scorecard, balls, pencil, and tees, while the large storage net and four accessory mounts offer additional convenience. An umbrella mount and bracket provide weather protection, and the heavy-duty frame, weighing 21 pounds, accommodates most stand bags.

Ready to Enhance Your Game?

Walking the course with a push or pull cart not only benefits health but also enriches the golfing experience. CLICK HERE to explore these four models and more at Worldwide Golf.