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What Size Golf Grip Do I Need?

Different size golf grips

Golf grip size is an important part of custom fitting a club, as having the correct grip on a club helps golfers index the location of the face of the club. Having the wrong size grip on a golf club can make it harder to turn the club over at the right point in the swing, making it harder to control the shot path and find the fairway or green consistently.

Grips that are too small often lead to pulling or hooking shots to the left, whereas oversized grips make it harder to close the club face during the swing, leading to a push or a slice to the right or left, if you’re left handed.

It isn’t much use to spend top dollar on a quality club and shaft if you have a two-way miss that is caused by the wrong-sized grip, so golfers need to know how to determine what size grip they need. The grip is also the most frequently replaced feature of a golf club, which means that golfers need to keep this information handy to ensure they select the right size every time they get their club regripped.

What Size Golf Grip is Right for Me?

There are typically four standard grip sizes for adult golfers: 

  • Undersized
  • Standard
  • Midsize 
  • Oversized

Outside of these standard sizes, some brands will offer “jumbo” or other larger grip sizes to meet the needs of golfers with extra-large hands.

To determine what size grip you need, you’ll want to measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm. This step can be done easily with a tape measure.

Once you’ve done this, refer to this size chart to determine which of these general sizes best fits your hands. Further, continue reading for more info on how to tweak the size more precisely to get the perfect fit:

Hand Size Grip Size
< 7 inches Undersized
7 – 8.25 inches Standard
8.25 – 9.25 inches Midsize
> 9.25 inches Oversized/Jumbo

If golfers feel they fall between two grip sizes, they can get the smaller option and add extra layers of tape underneath. Bulking it up provides extra thickness without the need to size up. This scenario isn’t abnormal, and many tour pros do this to ensure that their grip is just the right size and shape, sometimes even adding tape to just the head of the grip to create a taper that reduces the tension required to keep hold of their club.

These sizes can vary based on the brand that makes the grip, so getting a custom fitting at a golf shop is vital to ensure your club is perfectly suited to your swing.

Using Gloves to Determine Grip Size
Many blogs and guides will mention ways to use your glove size to determine the size of your golf grip. While glove size can point you in a general direction about what grip size you may want, it is a very imprecise measure to use. If you spend the money to get a custom grip on your golf club, it is best to measure the hand correctly with the tape measure for a quality fit or go into a shop for a custom fitting to get the best possible result.

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