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Wilson Golf’s National C200 Event at Worldwide Golf Shops – February 26 and 27

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Here’s your chance to not only hit one of the hottest new irons on the market, but also get custom fit for it and receive a 2-ball pack of Wilson Duo golf balls just for doing so.

It happens this Friday and Saturday at most Worldwide Golf Shops locations (check our website for participating stores).  Click HERE to see more, or better yet, listen below to Wilson Staff’s Global Director of Innovation, Michael Vrska, as he not only explains the technology behind this new iron, but also how you can participate in this one-time demo/fitting event in this short interview.

The C200 is so long and easy to hit, many Wilson’s tour players are putting the C200 long irons in their bag.

I suggest you stop what you are doing and click HERE to see if spots are available sign up near you now.  There’s a 2-pack of Duo golf balls in it for you, and really nothing to lose.

Well, you could lose your spot in line and that 2-pack of Duo balls if you wait too long.  Appointment times are limited and filling up fast.

Tom Brassell:  GolfBetter continues with episode number 196. Michael Vrska from Wilson Golf, the global director of innovation, joins us from up in Chicago. Michael, thanks for joining us, man.

Michael Vrska:  Thank you, great to be on board. Love to talk about some new product and all the great things that’s going on at Worldwide.

Tom Brassell:                       This weekend is a huge weekend in just about all of the stores in the Worldwide Golf family. That being Roger Dunn Golf, Uinta Golf, Edwin Watts Golf, Golfer’s Warehouse, The Golf Mart. Talk about what’s going on in those stores with Wilson and online to sign up for what’s going on.

Michael Vrska:    We’re running a Flex Test on Friday and Saturday. We encourage everybody to go online to one of their Worldwide Golf website and find out if it’s on Friday or Saturday at their location. We’re going to be talking about C200 and Flex Test and why it’s so critical and the great innovation and technology that comes with that.  We’re excited about this, because C200 is a revolutionary innovation in golf. It’s something people haven’t seen before. It produces distance. It produces incredible feel, and just in the size and package that is really going to be surprising to a lot of people – that we can get this kind of distance, this kind of performance out of an iron that looks and feels as good as it does.

Tom Brassell:  With Wilson, with the 3 categories you have, the F category for your better players and your D category for your real game improvement, this C category is the sweet spot between a lot of golfers and can really help their game, right?

Michael Vrska:  This is true. This is our C, or our field crossover and distance. The Crossover is the widest category, but I need to talk a little about the technology. I think that will help people understand why we call it a Crossover. There’s this brand new thing called FLX Face technology, which is why the event’s called Flex Test. What FLX Face is, it’s minimized contact points between the body and face.  Coupled with that is what we call Power Holes. These are literal holes. They go all the way through and all the way around the head. You combine those select things with those power holes and only 24% of the face is connected to the body. The rest is free to give and react to the golf ball impact. The power holes are filled with what we call TEO31 Urethane. You take our best, newest, patent-pending, innovative technology, FLX Face and Power Holes, which produces incredible distance, incredible response, that your customers are going to see on the launch monitors when they test it for themselves, combined with TEO31 Urethane, for this incredible feel. We’re really crossing over those distance and feel categories in a very mid-sized, not a ton of  yet still very forgiving golf clubs. It is the golf club that we have tour players playing it in the long iron, not full sets but kind of that two and three and four irons. We’ve had 25, 30, 35 handicap players hit it in our testing say, “Wow, this is the best iron I’ve ever hit. I can’t wait to get it.” So, it does crossover virtually every player type.

Tom Brassell:   You certainly were at the PGA merchandise show on a demo day. Certainly one of the talks of the show was this new iron.

Michael Vrska: It was. Our booth was hopping. We’re excited about it. The cool thing about it … Obviously we believe in all of our technology. This is so simple but in a positive way. It’s visible technology. People are going to come up, they’re going to see that they can touch it. They’re going to ask questions about it and want to experience it. It is a wow factor. When we hit it that first time, it is the wow factor. Then when you see the numbers, it gives you that double-take and hopefully people checking out with it.  It’s already done great at retail,  been strong. People are understanding the technology. They love that they can see it. They love that they can understand it. Most importantly, it performs. It’s great talking to you and hearing from me, but the bottom line is, what happens at impact? That’s the most important part and why we do things like Flex Test on Friday and Saturday at Worldwide, where they can see the numbers for themselves.

Tom Brassell:  It’s a limited number of custom fittings, so what you need to do is go to Worldwide Golf Shops and look for the Wilson banner. You click on that and you’ll click on the most convenient location to you. There will be the sign-up sheet, and there will say appointments that are available and some that aren’t available. They’re about 30 minute increments, right Michael? You can talk a little bit about what goes on when you get custom fit.

Michael Vrska:  Yeah, we want people to get custom fit. We want people to try the product. One of the great things, just for trying – obviously we want them to buy, we think they will because they’re going to see it for themselves – but they’re going to get a free Duo two-ball pack for themselves. Not only are they going to try our great iron, they’re also going to get to try, for free and cheap, two of our great golf balls.  When they go and get fit, we’re going to talk a little bit about your game – what your goals are, where you’re your at, maybe what you’re playing now. Then talk about shafts and line angles and all the things that go along with that. Maybe have you go head-to-head with the C200 versus either your current iron, if you want to bring that in, or take something of one of our competitors off the shelf. We’re not shying away from that.  We know this product performs. We want people to hit it. Again, if they’ve got a competitor that they’ve really been wanting to try, bring that one in. Take C200 and something else and truly take that Flex Test for themselves. They can see that. Once they know it works, then they can get properly fit – get the right length, get the right shaft. Not only FLX, but different models. We have eight different shafts that are free up charge. Maybe they need a KBS Tour 90. Maybe they need a Dynamic Gold, XP or just a standard Dynamic Gold. We’re going to fit them properly and make sure that they are truly dialed in, so they get the maximum benefit of FLX Face technology. This truly is a revolutionary innovation.

Tom Brassell:  It’s a limited time this weekend at most all Worldwide Golf Shops locations. You go online, sign up for the appointment that’s convenient for you – that’s open. When you show up, after you get fit you get a free two pack of the Wilson Duo Golf Balls. You don’t even have to talk to anybody until you get there, right? You just sign up online, and bingo you’re in.

Michael Vrska:Just sign up, and come with a smile on your face. Obviously, if you’re a player who wears a glove you can bring that with. Wear some comfortable shoes, proper clothing to swing a golf club. It’s going to be a great time. You’re going to get to talk to some really educated people who love Wilson. Obviously, the floor staff at Worldwide Golf is very knowledgeable about all different kinds of clubs. They can tell you about the C200 and answer any other questions you have. Talk about the Duo as well.

Tom Brassell:    Michael Vrska from Wilson Staff, thanks so much for joining us. It’s great having you.

Michael Vrska:  Thanks.