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Complete Advantage – Package Sets

TaylorMade Junior Package Sets

Package sets offer a seamless blend of consistency, value, and convenience

For those new to the game of golf or looking to streamline their equipment, the allure of package sets cannot be overstated, as complete sets of clubs offer a blend of consistency, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.

Providing a gateway to optimized performance and tailored for everyone from beginners to intermediate players, the appeal of package sets lies not just in their comprehensive nature, but also in the specific advantages they offer.

Let’s take a look:

Consistency: A package set is designed to provide consistent feel and performance across every club in the bag. This consistency helps in developing a reliable swing since the weight, length, and flex of the clubs will be uniform.

Cost-Effectiveness: Buying a package set is often more cost-effective than purchasing clubs individually. Package sets are priced in a way that offers a better value for the golfer, making it an economical choice for those new to the sport or looking to upgrade without breaking the bank.

Convenience: For someone new to the game, understanding which clubs are needed to complete a set can be overwhelming. A package set takes the guesswork out of the equation, providing all the necessary tools for a round of golf. This typically includes a driver, metal woods, irons, wedges, a putter, and a golf bag.

A Matching Set: There’s an aesthetic appeal to having a matching set of clubs, which can lend itself to a boost of confidence on the course. Aesthetics aside, a matching set can also make it easier to manage and organize your clubs.

Optimized Performance: Manufacturers design package sets with a specific golfer in mind, often optimizing the clubs for common needs, such as beginner sets with more forgiving irons.

Ideal for Beginners and Casual Players: For those new to the game or casual players who don’t tee it up often enough to justify a significant investment in custom-fit clubs, a package set offers a practical solution that covers most needs without requiring a deep understanding of each club’s specific purpose and functionality.

Here, you can explore some of the top selections of package sets available at Worldwide Golf:

Callaway package sets

Callaway offers a variety of package sets designed to meet the needs of newcomers and those looking to enhance their game.

The Strata lineup, available in options ranging from 11 to 14 pieces for both men and women, encapsulates the essential advantages of package sets, such as consistency in performance across clubs and the convenience of having a complete set tailored to various skill levels.

The men’s Strata Plus 14-piece set begins with a 460cc driver tailored for distance and a fairway wood and hybrid for those challenging long shots. Irons focused on control and a mallet putter for pinpoint accuracy complete the set, all packaged in a stylish, lightweight stand bag.

In addition, the women’s Strata Plus 14-piece set is engineered with the same keen attention to detail, and features a driver, wood, and hybrid, plus irons and a putter. It all comes together with a versatile stand bag.

Both sets also come complete with a set of head covers for the driver, wood, and hybrid.

The Callaway XR package set elevates performance, featuring a 460cc titanium driver and fairway woods with Hyper Face Channel for enhanced speed and distance. Versatile hybrids and easy-to-hit irons ensure high launch and control, while precision Callaway wedges and an Odyssey DFX putter improve short game and putting alignment.

Together with a Callaway stand bag, the set is designed for golfers aiming to maximize their distance, improve accuracy, and gain confidence in every aspect of their game.

Women also have another desirable option in the Callaway lineup with the REVA package sets, which are specifically designed to enhance playability and enjoyment on the course.

The set, fine-tuned specifically for women’s swing speeds, features a driver engineered for distance and forgiveness, a fairway wood optimized for easy launch and a high ball flight, and oversized deep cavity-back irons to ensure maximum forgiveness. A Stroke Lab putter, a REVA golf bag and head cover complete the set.

TaylorMade package sets

TaylorMade champions innovation across its selections, offering an array of package sets adept at catering to players of all skill levels.

The TaylorMade RBZ SpeedLite is a 13-piece package ideal for golfers seeking distance without the burden of weight. Inspired by the legacy RocketBallz series, the set features a driver with an aerodynamic 460cc titanium head, a pair of fairways, two versatile rescues, irons from 6-SW, and a precision mallet putter featuring patented Pure Roll™ technology. A sleek racing-inspired cart bag puts a bow on the package.

For women, TaylorMade’s KALEA Premier touts an 11-piece set engineered for precision and ease, balancing finesse with power to suit slower swing speeds. The arrangement includes a low CG driver and fairway wood made for higher launch, alongside forgiving irons with a Cap Back™ design. Completing the  lineup is the Spider Mini putter.

For future champions, TaylorMade offers the new Team TaylorMade unisex junior clubs available in three sizes for ages 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. The set features lightweight, forgiving clubs, from a titanium driver to irons and putters, all engineered to support proper technique. With exclusive instructional content from PGA Tour players such as Rory McIlroy, it’s a complete golfing package for beginners.

Wilson package sets

Wilson Staff offers comprehensive golf package sets designed for men, women, and junior golfers.

The men’s Wilson Staff PlayerFit Steel package includes an 11-piece set with the option of steel or graphite shafts. Designed with premium materials for optimal performance, the set features a titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrids, stainless steel irons, a sand wedge, and a putter – all aimed at improving accuracy and distance. Golfers can choose between a versatile cart or stand bag, complemented by head covers.

Meanwhile, the Wilson Staff Women’s PlayerFit package set offers lightweight, women-specific designs with graphite shafts across an 11-piece set. It includes similar components as the men’s set, such as a titanium driver and stainless steel fairway wood, hybrids, irons, and a mallet-style putter with a milled face. The set also comes with a stylish cart bag and head covers.

The Wilson Juniors’ Profile JGI package sets are “Custom fit in a box,” with three different sizes to suit players from ages 5-8, 8-11, and 11-13. Focused on making the game easier for young golfers, the sets include a driver, hybrid, long and short irons, a wedge, putter, bag, and head covers.

Tour Edge package sets

Tour Edge package sets for men, women, and juniors are crafted to meet the specific requirements of the player they’re intended for, ensuring maximum satisfaction across the board.

Men have the choice between the Bazooka 470 Black Complete men’s set and the Bazooka 370 Complete men’s set, both offering a mix of performance and value, complete with drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and a putter, all encased in a stylish golf bag. The Bazooka 370 is particularly noteworthy for balancing quality with affordability.

Women’s offerings include the Moda Silk Women’s Complete Set and the Lady Edge Women’s Full Set, designed with lighter, women-specific clubs that prioritize playability and enjoyment.

For juniors, the Hot Launch HL-J package set for boys and girls is offered in sizes to accommodate various age groups, with 9-12 year-old sets currently available. The packages are designed with lightweight clubs to simplify learning and make the game more enjoyable. Included dual-strap stand bags make these packages ideal for young players walking the course.

Tour X package sets

For its lineup of package sets, Tour X offers the Tour Xpress 12-piece for both men and women, alongside a specialized option for junior golfers.

The men’s Tour Xpress boasts a formidable 460cc forged metal driver and a metal fairway wood, both with resilient graphite shafts. Additionally, it offers a perimeter-weighted hybrid and deep cavity perimeter-weighted irons, engineered for accuracy and distance control. The inclusion of a heel-toe weighted putter enhances balance and precision on the greens. The set is rounded out with a deluxe lightweight stand bag featuring a dual strap and rain hood and matching head covers.

Mirroring the men’s set, the women’s Tour Xpress package features lightweight, performance-oriented clubs all with graphite shafts for improved playability. The set includes a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 7-PW, SW, and putter, and also comes with a deluxe lightweight stand bag and matching head covers.

For youth golfers, the Tour X Juniors’ 5-Piece package set features three different sizes for children ages 5-7, 8-11 and 12 and over. The package includes an oversized driver, a perimeter-weighted hybrid, two deep cavity-back irons, and an alignment-style putter, all designed to be both age and height-appropriate.

Cobra package sets

Cobra’s lineup of package sets features the Air-X 2 for men and women, which prioritizes speed and forgiveness, as well as the womens FLY-XL. The Air-X 2 sets are comprised of 12 clubs, including a redesigned, offset driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, hybrids, low-profile irons, and a premium mallet putter, all assembled in a premium cart bag. Meanwhile, the women’s FLY-XL is ideal for beginners seeking easy launch and distance. The set includes a collection of lightweight and forgiving clubs, spanning from a driver to a mallet putter, and is available with a stand or cart bag.

Cleveland package sets

Cleveland Golf addresses the unique needs of golfers with a trio of package sets, each maximizing distance, forgiveness, and overall game enjoyment.

The Launcher Max XL set provides a high MOI Launcher XL Lite driver, a Launcher XL HALO fairway wood, and Launcher MAX irons for a deep and low center of gravity. It also includes the HB SOFT Premier putter and a lightweight cart bag.

The Launcher XL HALO package set offers similar components but swaps in Launcher XL HALO Irons. A specially designed women’s Launcher XL HALO package mirrors the men’s HALO package, offering lightweight, high-launch clubs. Each set comes complete with a lightweight cart bag.

XXIO package sets

For package sets that accommodate golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking to boost distance and accuracy, the XXIO Prime series stands out. The series includes the XXIO Prime, the XXIO Prime 11-piece package set, and the women’s Prime Royal Edition.

The XXIO Prime line is developed with lighter components in drivers, fairways, and hybrids, incorporating Rebound Frame technology for optimal energy transfer and increased ball speed. Its Weight Plus technology enhances swing stability by counterbalancing the club, facilitating faster, more consistent swings.

As for the XXIO Prime 11-piece package, it includes a meticulously designed driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. Features such as the Twin Groove design and Draw Bias Bulge Design help maintain straighter ball flights and improve off-center hits, while the Step Sole aids in smoother turf interaction.

The women’s Prime Royal Edition is tailored for female golfers, emphasizing speed, distance, and ease of swing with its distinguished design and advanced technologies. It employs STAANF Face Material and Cannon Sole for higher launches and ball speeds, alongside lightweight construction for easier swings.