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Titleist TS Drivers – More Ways To Speed

TS Drivers offer four distinct designs that bring more speed to your game. TS1 offers maximum launch and distance for moderate swing speeds, TS2 provides maximum forgiveness across the face, TS3 offers speed-tuned performance, and the new TS4 aggressively reduces spin.

TS1 Effortless. Distance.

An ultra-lightweight 275g design that delivers maximum launch and distance for players with moderate swing speeds.

TS1 is the fastest way for players with moderate swing speeds to experience the joy of effortless distance. Featuring the power of TS design – strategically trimmed to weigh in at an incredibly light 275g – the TS1 Driver is designed to maximize moderate swing speed.

TS2 Straight. Speed.

The TS2 Driver brings more speed to your game by letting you swing aggressively with maximum forgiveness across the face.

For the player who wants explosive speed and forgiveness across the face.

TS3 Specialized. Speed.

TS3 Drivers offer an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance.

For the player who wants tuned distance, adjustable CG and dynamic forgiveness.

TS4 Low Spin. High Speed.

An ultra-low spin driver – featuring low, forward CG for significant spin reduction producing a longer, more piercing ball flight.

TS4 is a low spin driver that delivers amazing ball speed. It utilizes a low, forward CG position to neutralize spin and produce straighter ball flight. If reducing spin to hit longer drives is your goal, the TS4 was made for you.

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